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1 year ago

Nu sutter min s酶ster min pik!!!


1 year ago

i love all the 1000s of dollars i get out of this and you should do it to because it is very great sonow i have thousands of dollars


3 years ago

110 % scam take care 😛 ..


3 years ago

it is very very gud i liek it und i tjente millner of monetos in ein day i 0nly h4d to give ham 50000 crowns but i maed 5 bilion moneto und den i buy 4 bilion taco und enchilida und spaice .it veri gut und u shud yse iz


4 years ago

I tried to redraw my deposit which was not possible. I even wrote the company and asked them to return my deposit 鈥?no reaction. It seems to be fraud.


4 years ago

I chock.
Much doge such wow very dollars


4 years ago

Det her er hvad jeg skrev til dem.

Hello I've accidentally on Monday signed up for the Danish method,
which I really regretted. has since Monday been actually quite many
times been called. said to one of your telemarketer that in not having
to call more but it has not helped anything. So I blocked your number.
but shortly after called the same number as I had blocked, just with a
different end numbers now my patience exhausted .. it is not just
today timers who are called to me but also it is in the night. I have a job
and children. SO THE STOPPER RIGHT NOW .. Thinking such here that if
the will have members or customers in this way is quite frightening
that in keeps stalking people by calling constantly and continuously.
The way in appears on the offensive and quite unprofessional. I hope
the full understanding on your part. I expect to get a return mail
from you that you have unsubscribed me. I wish you obviously best for
the future, but consider just the way in are provided with your
contacts on to your customers.


Brian Ravnholt Pedersen

Jeg har siden mandag den 20-11-16 haft ca 175 opringninger fra Storbritannien, kyperen, USA, osv osv. Jeg har en spam program som hedder 180 hvor jeg kan blokere numre. Men sjovt nok s氓 ringer de fra samme nummer bortset fra at ende talet er et andet. Og s氓danne bliver det ved og ved.

Da jeg endelig f氓r svar p氓 min Mail fort忙ller de mig at de ikke kan afmelde mig fordi de Desv忙rre ikke har mulighedfor det fordi de ik har mig i deres database ???

De skriver s氓danne hertil mig..

Hello Brian:

Thanks for your email.I am sorry but we do not have access to the users data base so we cannot cancel your account, I suggest that you have to unsubscribe to the email so that you will not get any emails from the marketing department. All you need to do is to look on the UNSUBSCRIBE button located at the bottom of the email. It is a blue font letters with a very small font size. Just click on it and follow the instructions on how to unsubscribe. Thank you.


Danish Method Support Team

Har pr酶vet med det Link de skriver om til at afmelde men sjovt nok virker det sku ikke.
Det er frustrerende.

Det ikke kun om dagen de ringer men Fame ogs氓 om natten. Det er grov chikane.

Ved ikke hvem jeg kan skrive til eller ringe til for hj忙lp ???

Hilsener fra Brian Pedersen.


4 years ago

Fake med fake p氓


4 years ago

"S酶ren Jensen" er en model til salg ;D
http:// thumb9.shutterstock. com/display_pic_with_logo/210376/330091052/stock-photo-handsome-businessman-full-length-portrait-330091052.jpg

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