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8 months ago

Dankvapescartridges.website is not a scam people get confused, They buy from different website and give bad reviews to a different website. I have been buying from here more than 2 years and I do get my package any time I ordered


9 months ago

I fell for the scam, placed an order and then was told that I needed to send more money for insurance, I didn鈥檛 send anything more for the so called insurance, my gut told me that I was just scammed, don鈥檛 send money to those people on this site SCAM!


11 months ago

Same happened to me. This is all a big scam. Nothing will actually be shipped.


11 months ago

they will scam you. Even say bad reviews by their competition. All bull.
They will want you to pay on PayPal sending momey to family aND friend option. Or use zelle or bitcoin. I like a dummy i didn't trust myself and thought there has to be somewhere online you can get weed cartridges and they will send it to you no matter where you live. Through a lot of searching now. I believe if there is such a site it will only send within California. If your searching for the same my advice is any site that has a pop up message window so you can chat with customer service is a red flag, other red flags include payment options. Like bitcoin gift cards, payment apps, western union. Pretty much everything but a debit/credit card. Please don't be as foolish as me. They will take your money. And not send you anything.

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