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4 months ago

Stole Six hundred dollars

The merchant took my payment through Zelle and never provided shipping information. Did not send my order and will not return my calls or emails.


6 months ago

All they are, are a bunch of liars and thieves.
I chatted with them several times prior to purchasing,
once I purchased, you will never hear from them again, they will answer your chat or email until you ask for your order, and then they willnever respond.
They on ly will accept Bitcoin, and I have sent them screenshots of the transaction, still nothing, and don't try to call them on the phone, you can find 2 numbers for them, one will just ring, and the other ia always busy.
Don't waste you money, because all it will be is a waste.
There are many better places out there,
You will see real prices,
Do not let the low prices fool you, thats all they are there fo, is to get you to send money.


9 months ago

Will not issue refund after payment was made than informing me of a 420.00 stamp fee

I ordered 200.00 worth of product. Sent the money then another company "handling" the package said I owed a 420.00 refundable restriction stamp fee. I had also paid 50.00 for over nighting the package.


9 months ago

As soon as dankwoods get your money they stop responding. Scam me out of $650.


11 months ago

No answer after paying hundreds of dollars!

I purchased about 300 dollars from this website and they accepted my money super quick but then I never received anything at all and now nobody will return my email, Phone call or text measege.

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