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1 year ago

Super nemt og god


2 years ago

Very pedantic company I recommend using another service.

I have a small 1 person company. I messed around in Danlon's system, trying to figure out whether or not I could pay salary in a system without support.
It turned out that I could not. While roaming around in their system, I clicked on a "Buy salary tickets" button that gave me 12 salary tickets. I never used any, because I couldn't figure out how to use the system properly.
I wrote them an e-mail, explaining that their system is probably great, but it's not for me, I don't know how to use it, and I don't want to spend my hours figuring it out.
They deleted my from the system and all was fine.
A few days later, I've received multiple mails, insisting that I pay DKK 300,- because I clicked a button that added 12 salary-tickets.
Danlon had a total expense of exactly 0 DKK! And the only thing I got from Danlon was wasted time. I don't mind a bit of wasted time, I tried a system, and didn't have time to figure it out properly.
So, Danlon didn't have any expenses from me, and I didn't gain anything from using Danlon – It then seems extremely pedantic that they insist that I pay DKK 300 for a service I never used! I'm very disappointing and will not provide Danlon with any business in the future.

I suspect that, if the company is this insisting and pedantic about this, then they'll be pedantic about anything.
Therefor I recommend people to choose a different service than Danlon!


3 years ago

Difficult a little bit. No tfl.contact in case a suddenly problem


3 years ago

Et godt program


3 years ago

Easy to use and cost effective


3 years ago

Used them for the last 10 years

Good system – fantastic service


3 years ago

Super program og


3 years ago

very poor customer support.. its not possible to call Danlon and they are not allowed to call you. Important corrections, takes ages, and it feels like you must beg for a proper information. Very not nice approach towards customers.. as I have been always recommending Danlon to all my friends and customers, I will not be able to do it anymore. It is very sad that companies and its employees often forget that without us-customers their jobs wouldn't exist.


3 years ago

Best salary system around. Easy for small business owners to pay their staff , it automatically pays holiday pay , ATP, AM bidrag , A Skat . Leaving you time to make money

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