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Website & Phone: Njalsgade 76 K酶benhavn S 2300 Denmark

6 months ago

Super at vaere I gode haender naar man er stuck I Saudi og skal ha toemt et hus der er solgt. TAK!


1 year ago

The movers arrived one hour late without apologies or warning phone call, not even a mere justification when they arrived.
They were very weak (like skinny), slow, and inexperienced, unsure about what to move and how to load the truck, despite the fact that I sent to the company a detailed list with precise measurements.
For example, they claimed one of the wardrobes was too big and wanted me to take it apart if it didn't fit in the elevator. I obviously objected because I should have been told in advance. Luckily, the wardrobe fit in the elevator (think about how big that could be). And still, when they loaded it in the truck, they spent several minutes talking about it. They concluded their conversation saying that they had to speak with their boss because that wardrobe was too big! They kept saying 鈥渨e will try to fit everything inside the truck鈥?as if the available space was not sufficient because miscalculated by their boss. At that point I got quite nervous because they simply put the "big" wardrobe in a wrong position. I entered the truck and repositioned it myself, with the help of one of them, and it "magically" fit along with the rest of my stuff. Without my intervention, I have no idea what would have happened. I couldn鈥檛 believe how uncertain and slow they were and made a video which I will share with their boss if this comment gets a silly reply.
They didn鈥檛 have anything to use to keep doors open. They wanted to use "the dog" (a board with 4 wheels), which was unsuitable (too light) and needed for other purposes. How about a wooden wedge that costs nothing and works perfectly? I had to use my furniture to hold the door – I took pictures.
They had a lot of (empty) folded moving boxes that I didn鈥檛 ask them to bring and that actually took a lot of space in the truck.
At the end of the moving, I was sweaty, they weren鈥檛.
There is more but I believe I covered what was relevant to share.
Summarizing, terrible experience. I put two stars and not one because the price was low and the customer service on the phone was helpful, although I had to call because they didn't answer my initial email.
My recommendation to the movers is go to the gym and play Tetris.


1 year ago

Moving within Copenhagen. The guys ( Mark and Mateus) came on time, were super fast. Things we we accommodated in the truck. The price of the service is the fairest you can find in the market for the quality of it.
We ordered a 3 hours moving and it even finished half an hour before.
Can totally advice this company and will use it again if needed.


2 years ago

Excellent help. Quick. Friendly. Everything arrived in great condition. Excellent value for money. Will 100% recommend


2 years ago

We have used their moving services twice in the Greater Copenhagen region . First time, we shifted from Niv氓 to Copenhagen and second time , we shifted within Copenhagen city itself . We are very pleased with their professional and reliable service. And their rates are the best rates for Copenhagen and Sjaelland.Their estimation for time and cost of moving has always been accurate .The delivery guys are also hard working and do not waste any time . And they speak good English so language is not a problem. We will always Danmark 's Flyttefirma now if we move again .Keep up the good service guys !


2 years ago

The guys came on time, were very careful with the furniture and moved everything faster than expected.
Will definitely use their services again


3 years ago

Moving furnitures and moving boxes are tough work. I really appreciate Danmarks Flyttefirma's work. They moved all our furnitures from Aalborg to Roskilde. They deserve a 5 star ranking.


5 years ago

Would recommend this moving company to anybody, they are very helpful and understanding, with a flexible service! Besides doing a great job, the staff's attitude and spirit really brightened up my day!


5 years ago

I had a moving from Lyngby to Kastrup. Very helpful and nice guys, really fast service and great prices. I can only recommend them! I've even been contacted after, to make sure everything went smoothly and to get my feedback, which is a really nice gesture.


5 years ago

They are very professional and helpful hand we got it on our moving day.
We got two man and a big truck as we expacted. they are carefull for moving the furniture, very well paked and drive safe.

We are so happy for this time moving. it was very helpfull for the whole sevice. they are very good communication, especially from the customer service.

We say big thank you for your help and good luck for the future.

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