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Website & Phone: Gammel K酶ge Landevej 115 Valby 2500 Denmark

8 months ago

Totally unreliable mowing company, they came 4,5 hour late whit out any good explanation- one of the guys where angry and very unfriendly

Cheap but not the best


1 year ago

I have had great success with Danmarks Flyttemand moving services. Very professional and trustworthy. I wish there were more companies like this one in Denmark.

Moving company: Danmarks Flyttemand Aps

My husband and I got to move all of our stuff into the same space which we both found quite nice.
When we came, the moving company took our belongings to their offices inside of the building for an initial deposit and set a date for delivery.
After waiting about a week they came out and they were very pleasant. I think they did all the proper things to make sure we were fully satisfied. I was extremely impressed that it was so easy to do. They also sent us a box and asked how long it took to pack and what we thought about the furniture we were packing. It was a fast process and my husband and I were able to get our stuff in and out of the apartment and not lose a thing! The moving company was very professional and went above and beyond for us.

Thank you very much Danmarks Flyttemand for the great and professional work!!


2 years ago

THE WORST service I have experienced in Denmark ever. There were too many horrible services the two moving men have done. I don't know where to start.

My bed needs to be disassembled and assembled. We called and confirmed with the company if they could do this job before we booked the services. The company said yes. At first, the two move men said this was not their job. After discussion, they disassembled 7 screws out of 32. I finished the remaining 25 screws myself. When they moved the parts to the new address, suddenly they said they needed to leave and would not assemble the bed. I was trying to assembled all by myself. However, among the 7 screws they disassembled, they only had 6 left. I requested them to give me the last screw back because my bed cannot be assembled. They literally YELLED at me and said even if they cannot find the last one, it is none of their business and I must pay them now, because they will leave and they will charge me for another hour if I don't pay them in 5 minute. They also threatened me that they will sit in the middle of my living room if I don't do it fast. Finally one of the guys found the last screw around the stairs of the building on another floor. Then they rushed out, leaving my mattress and other bed un-assembled parts outside of my door, blocking my neighbor's door. (photos taken)

During the move of my 2 wardrobes, they came with poor professionality. They didn't use any blanket to protect the floor and also scratched my wardrobes while moving through the stairs (they just pretended that they didn't see the obvious scratches). Moreover, when they moved the wardrobes into my study room, they also broke one of my door chains. (all photos taken as evidence)

I noticed that they didn't have any protective gloves to wear so that I gave them 2 pairs of my own new workman gloves. They took them home without returning them to me.

I can hardly believe this kinds of services even exist on the earth in 2019 until I experienced it. I am sure company like this will not care about customer's comments, but I will still try my best to alert my friend, colleagues and people in my network NOT to use this moving company at any circumstances.


3 years ago

efficiant ,friendly, inexpensive, very pleased


5 years ago

It took some back and for to actually make the deal, the communication was not the most clear/efficient. At the end we got an offer for moving all our staff from 90m2 4th floor appartment without elevator to ground floor appartment at 400m distance; including basement. They believed it would take 3 hours, so any extra hour would be added on top.
The workers were very friendly and kept a high pace working even though they had to run the stairs up and down. The only not good thing to mention about them is that sometimes they were a bit rough with our things, breaking some of them, but I believe that could be acceptable…
Anyway, at the end it took 6 hours to complete the moving, even though I helped them. Basically their estimation was rubbish and at the end was more expensive than other more professional companies.
All in all, it was not the best experience so I will try a different company next time. So I recommend you do the same.


5 years ago

Danmarks Flyttemand helped me move some furniture between flats in Valby on a limited budget. All the staff that I spoke to were friendly and helpful, and the job was done quickly and effectively. There were a couple of small issues along the way but everything was sorted out so I was very happy with the service, particularly taking into account the low price!


5 years ago

I booked a moving van and two movers from Niels to arrive at 12:00 on Sunday 31 May. We were all packed and ready to go. At 12:15, they hadn鈥檛 arrived so I called the office for an update on time. Niels told me that there was a delay as there had been an extra pick up and they would arrive shortly. We sat waiting鈥?At 13:30 I got a call from 鈥滱lex鈥?who was apparently our driver. Alex was quick to remind me that it wasn鈥檛 his fault that they were late. He would be here soon. When I pushed him to give a more concrete time he suggested at most an hour. Then he let it slip that he was still in Jutland (we live in Copenhagen).
I called Niels in the office and he told me that a driver would be there in 30 minutes. I asked if he meant Alex. He did. He claimed that Alex wasn鈥檛 in Jutland and would be there soon. So what happened to the extra pick up? Now Niels said that the problem was actually a sick driver which, again, wasn鈥檛 HIS fault. I tried to explain that he could have rang me earlier in the morning or been honest. Anyway, we returned to waiting.
An hour and a half later, still no Alex. I sent him a text asking when he would arrive and where he was. He just replied that he would be here soon. Alex finally arrived three and a half hours after my booking. He was probably one of the rudest people I鈥檝e met. He repeatedly told me it was not his fault that they were late. Then he proceeded to tell me that there was no way we would get the job done in two hours. He also gave out to me for not having my things out on the road waiting. How would that have been a good idea when they were 3 and a half hours late? He barely lifted a finger to help with the move. In fact, he was so rude that his colleague (the other mover) apologised for him and said he was a bit strange.
The last straw was when Alex asked me why I was smiling. I replied that sure if I can smile, so can he. He lost his mind and started roaring at me on the street. At this point, I couldn鈥檛 take it anymore and called his 鈥渂oss鈥?Niels. Niels again was totally impotent- asking me what he should do like a lost child. He made some promises to call me during the week and provide a partial refund. Of course he never did and when I emailed him he told me that he didn鈥檛 know what I want, and that they didn鈥檛 break anything鈥?I asked for a partial refund and got no response. So this is the level of customer service you can expect. I would strongly urge you avoid this unreliable, disinterested company. Their customers are not a priority.


7 years ago

Everything went really good.Quick and safe. I had to move my furniture and equipments from the kosmetik salon,so it was very important that everything will be deliver undamaged. I can truly recommend this company !!


7 years ago

Great service, very fast, professional, flexible, kind and funny 🙂
Fully recommend!


7 years ago

I used these guys a couple weeks ago and highly reccomend them.
My move was from two places into one. The guys were super fast and worked at full speed on one of the hottest day of the year. So impressive.
They were aware about how much time I purchased and strategized with me on the most efficient way to proceed. In the end I bought an extra hour, which was enough time, only because we made a plan together. True service.
When the time comes for me to move again, I will certainly use them. I suggest you do too.


7 years ago

Moved a 2 room apartment from the 3rd floor to ground floor within 4 hours. All items were pre-packed and I also had 3 friends to help with the move. It also included a trip to Lauritz in Herlev and back. Just make sure to negotiate your deal beforehand, as you might get it even cheaper than e.g. buying a voucher via groupon.dk

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