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6 months ago

This is the best place for you to have your suit and other fashion wears, they're perfect in what they do, accurate in measurement and to cap it all, on time delivery, Dannyshop went ahead to deliver earlier than schedule and I now have my Dress ready even before the day I wanna use it. Thanks So Much.


5 years ago

I just received the suit that i'll be using for my weeding, and it is MUCH better than i would even expect. The fit is perfect, the combination of colors and style just works, and the delivery was swift and quick. He added some additional nice details, that i value alot, and all in all am extreamly pleased with the result; its MUCH better than i dared to hope, the pants fit me perfectly, the vest was the perfect size, the fit and style of the jacket was perfect, the shirt fits me over my shoulders, but without bagging and the style and color of the tie and pocketsquare makes everything up.


7 years ago

I used Dannys Shop for my wedding as he came recommended by a former colleague. I deeply regret doing that.since I never got a suit that actually fit me.

He made his meassurements but when I received the first suit, I couldn't fit either the pants or the jacket. When I told him this, he said that pants had a certain fit and were right for me. As for the jacket he told me that it was because I have a large chest that it didn't fit me.
A Danish tailor that he works me told me that the jacket was incorrectly made and that not enough fabric had been used. I knew that the pants didn't fit despite what Danny said, so I told him again. He agreed to have them returned so that he could alter them.
It helped a bit with the pants but I still ended up going to a local tailor to have them fitted. They never ended up fitting me properly though. As for the jacket he had tried to correct the issue but was insuccesfull as the issue was that not enough fabric had been used so an entirely new jacket was needed.
I told him this and proposed that he should meassure me again before making a new jacket. He did, however, not wait for this but made me a new jacket. The new jacket did not fit either.

So in conclusion, his customer service was fairly ok as he did end up trying to correct the problems. His tailoring, however, is poor and not worth the money in any way.

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