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5 months ago

I followed the instructions every step and after 1 month the sand has not hardened at all. I made sure that the weather was going to be dry and this was done when we had weeks of sun. I left it a week and it was still loose sand in the gaps so I decided to do it again only to find still not hardened. I contacted Dansand and they said that I probably did not follow the instructions and that they have not had any other complaints and weeds do grow though this product. The product is expensive and using kiln dried sand would of been cheaper and better. Sorry Dansand I will not be buying this again.


5 months ago

Well it done what it said on the packet,looks great,probley better in warmer weather,but so far it's good , well done Dan sand


6 months ago

I purchased another product for my driveway, and it set fine as hard as concrete, but the odd small weed came through.
Therefore, I decided to go for Dansand for my patio and it was a total waste of time and money. It has not set and already bugs are dislodging it (6 days later).
It is frustrating as the weeds on my driveway can easily be controlled by a quick spray of weed killer.
Summary do not buy Dansand


1 year ago

A standard reply!!! But no apology to accept is still a rubbish product


2 years ago

Does not actually stop weed re-growth. Dabs and actually told me that weeds will not grow through it. What it actually does is let it grow around it. It must let it grow through the smallest of gaps between the blocks and the Dansand. So weeds still prosper. I finished off my paving will the old cheap sand, loads of weeds in the two weeks after the Dansand, six weeks after the cheap sand, no weeds!! Don鈥檛 waste your money!!


4 years ago

Have power washed my driveway due to dirt and weeds, I wanted something to fill the gaps and keeps the weeds away. I saw this no weed product which was more costly than the normal sand for a smaller bag. But due to the No Weed promise on the bag I thought I would give it a try. It went down ok and looked good, but then it rained which washed some of it out and now two weeks later there seem to be more weeds growing than before. I think there is weed food in the sand rather than weed killer or minerals. I have since emailed the company to ask if I have done something wrong but low and behold no reply whatsoever. Do not waste your money on these products just buy the normal sand or get rock salt as this will kill the weeds for longer and don't try to contact the company as they will not reply.


5 years ago

I refurbished my drive and Patio and bought Dansand No Weed Block paving sand as a replacement to ordinary dry kiln sand. It does not go far and I had to use twice as much as normal dry kiln sand and its twice as expensive. I ended up spending 拢100 instead of 拢25. But if it was the end of the weeds well it would be worth it. The sand did not stay in the joints. When it rains it just washes out. I end up with loose sand all over that I have to brush away after every rainfall. Where my drive slopes to the road the sand just washes out and over the pavement. To add insult to injury there are weeds popping up everywhere. Much worse than normal. Even in areas where the sand has pooled. This product is useless. DO NOT BUY IT !. I emailed the company and complained and all I got is a sorry – why don't you buy some of our more expensive sand. I emailed again and all they did was ignore me – great customer care. The company appears not to care – I would not buy any of their products ever again

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