Dansk Boligformidling

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Website & Phone: Hellerupvej 78 Hellerup 2900 Denmark

1 year ago

We have been renting an apartment for 2 years now through danish homes.
Every time we have had any issue with the apartment, they have been responding in the same day we have raised it and it was fixed within 1 week. They are super costumer oriented,effective and resolutive.
I totally recommend using them.


3 years ago

We were tenants in a house managed by Danish Homes and were very satisfied with the service and attitude of all the people we interacted with. Very professional company with a human approach!


3 years ago

Danish Homes has been helping me letting out my apartment in Copenhagen for the past two years. They are very efficient, kind and effective.
All problems are solved fast. They have the right attitude by following the rules with a 'human' touch!

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