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10 months ago

Good job thanks.


1 year ago

We moved to our new house on 15th November and we soon detected severe problems in the walls that were not reported in the house technical report. We reported the damage on November 22, and today, after 83 days, we are still waiting the first reply/opinion from Dansk Boligforsikring. The company keep changing the expected time for a reply: They first told that the typical waiting time was 3-5 weeks from the inspection. Now they say it is 6-8 weeks from the inspection… Nevertheless, it is certainly unacceptable having to wait so long for a first response.
Besides, the company has apparently decided not to answer our e-mails anymore: quite impolite…


2 years ago

God og hurtig behandling


3 years ago

God og hurtig behandling.


5 years ago

After we bought our house, within a few months the painting on the outer walls started to detach from the wall at an alarming rate. It soon became clear for us that this was caused by moisture in the walls trapped behind cheap, non-breathing paint applied to the walls just before the sale to fluff up the house. As none of this was mentioned in the "tilstandsrapport" and repair of all the walls would be rather pricy, I issued a claim to Dansk Boligforsiking (we had signed an "ejerskifteforsikring".

And then the nightmare began. At first, I got a simple mail telling me simply that my case was not covered by the insurance. A standard tactic I guess. I complained, and DB sent a technical expert that came up with some hilarious remarks that really started to get me worried in regards to the technical expertise this company posesses. I got another, poorly founded denial. So, I complained once more, this time to the Complaints department, and they agreed that my case was covered by the insurance – an interesting plot turn. They asked me to just find a painter and ask for an offer.

So, I invited a painter to come and have a look – within seconds he found out that it was impossible to come with an offer as the walls were very moist and the paint would fall off again. First the underlying problem had to be adressed. A "murer" inspected the wall and came to the same conclusion. So I returned to DB with this information, and they sent a new technical expert. This time, at least the expert had the right expertise and he concluded that the walls were moist, and that the only solution was to remove all the paint, solve the causes of the water entering the wall, then let the wall dry, repair the plaster where needed, and then apply painting of the correct type. He also noted that DB would cover this, they would just have to find out if they could hold the previous owner responsible for this or not.

Amazingly, I finally got a new mail from the complaints officer that offered that a painter would be payed to fix the painting only on affected spots, and that I would have to pay for the rest of the job if I wanted the entire surface to be repaired!!! Which is in stark contract with previous information given by the technical expert. And also, no painter would ever agree to do this job as he would be responsible afterwards for having done this impossible job – without fixing the root cause, the paint will fall off soon again.

What really irritated me as much as this whole story in itself, is the slow and inconsistent communication with DB. Of all the times I tried to contact them, I hardly remember a single time where I would reach the right person directly, and even responding to mail seems to be too much of a hassle for DB. So typically what would happen is that I sent a mail – no response of course, then a week -or even two- later I would call – the person would not be available – I leave a message via the receptionist, and only then I usually got called back.

I am disgusted by how DB is handling my case and I would warmly recommend people to find another ejerskifteforsikring.

UPDATE – reply to DB's response 12.2.2016

Dear Mie,

I must admit that this is the first time in my life that I engage in a public debate in this way, but at the same time, you guys at DB are really, really good at insulting your customers – so allow me to indulge you with some replies to key elements in your post.

* You mention that you do not recognize my presentation of the case.
I guess this is what you write when you have not much better to say. I presented the case using facts and written correspondance to which you have access as well. The only event of which I never have seen any written report is when your technical expert was on site. So suggesting that I misrepresent the case is pretty impressive.

* "Vi tilb酶d i juli 2015 at d忙kke en reparation, og yderligere unders酶gelser af huset, har ikke vist noget st酶rre skadeomfang end f酶rst antaget.".
As to the first part: I invited a painter to make an offer, but he refused because the paint would inevitably detach from the moist walls again (as I wrote in my first post – try reading it again). Also, to repair only a few spots will never solve anything as long as the underlying error is not adressed properly. No self-respecting painter will agree to do this as he will have responsibility for the job going forward.

As to the second part – it is simply not true that the extent of the damages has not increased since the first investigation. If you would just have a look at the pictures taken previously and compare them with the current state, then it's obvious that many more bare spots keep appearing, and the existing ones increase in size. In time, most of the paint will disappear.

So, next point:
"Vi kan derfor kun opfordre til, at der sker udbedring i l酶bet af sommeren, iht. vores teknikeres anvisninger."
The "murer" whom I contacted previously has asked your technician to be clear on exactly what he should include in the offer. He asked this (by mail) on Feb 1st, and to this day has not gotten any reply.

Which also brings us back to my last point; neither the "murer", nor me who, once more, has tried to reach out to your sagsbehandler, has received a reply so far. What a disgrace.

I am still looking forward to hearing from you, and will update this post as things evolve. For now, as a customer I can do nothing else than to voice my disappointment and advice people to stay away.

UPDATE May 2016
We have now reached an agreement where DB will pay for the repairs. That at least concludes a 16 month battle which started with a "no" and ended with a "yes", but I fear that more surprises are yet to come – such is my level of distrust. Even though we now have this agreement, I cannot say my experience as a customer has changed a lot. If you're in a similar situation, then stand your ground. And be very patient.


5 years ago

We have had a really bad experience with DBF. We had to change our gasfyr, which was rotten and dangerous to use. VVSer that inspected the fyr gave an estimated price. They took the estimated price and calculated the compensation from it. It turned out it was more expensive as it was not possible to find anything cheaper. They refuse to recalculate the compensation and asked me to write a complain. We wrote them and will wait for an answer. Thanks for wasting our time DBF. The word insurance looses its meaning having Your name by the side. We will never recommend DBF to any of our surroundings.

Update: The complaint was sent in more than 2 weeks ago. I just got a reply from a person responsible and ONLY because I have had called DBF and asked for a status. His reply was: he will look at this case and get back to me. It means no one have had ever looked at the case yet. What is more, when I have called DBF the secretary was so incompetent as she could not answer me the simple question as of how long approximately it takes to handle a complaint case. If they have deadlines on when it has to be looked at. If they have any statistics on how long it takes to handle a simple case. Her answers were: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. How come such people get hired….?


6 years ago

Dansk Boligforsikring is one of the most unprofessional service providers I have ever met. You will need to give them hardship by saying that you will enter a bad review on 鈥淭rustpilot.dk鈥?in order for them to reply on a damage waiver.

We acquired a house where there was no documented report on a damaged floor construction. As we quickly understood that the construction under the floor was rotten, we renovated the whole floor at a cost of approx. DKK 200,000. From this amount, we asked for the insurance to cover only the replacement of the underlying construction concluding DKK 50,000.

We saved the rotten parts and contacted the insurance company. We provided them with documentation and cost-splits. It took almost a year for them to finally pay us DKK 8,000 which after their charges became DKK 3,000.

You could ask yourself in what northern Europe country DKK 8,000 covers even a fraction of a floor construction work. It certainly does not in Denmark!

Concluding the above, do not even consider insurance from Dansk Boligforsikring. It is a complete waste of money.

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