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Website & Phone: True M酶llevej 9 Tilst 8381 Tilst Denmark
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7 years ago

They cheat you with the internet speed (2Mbit/s instead of promised 15 Mbit/s). I never got more than 2 Mbits/s. from the moment I became their customer, however I have always been billed for the 15Mbit/s. speed. I have raised several tickets with their customer service, but never got a meaningful response.

If you have the flexibility to switch your ISP, do so without any hesitation! Unfortrunately, I don't have this luxury, otherwise I would've ditched them long time ago.


10 years ago

On 27.09.2010, our internet connection was cancelled by Dansk Bredb氓nd. The case is that we were supposed to pay a bill after we moved to a new apartment and did not pay it on time. However, we have received a new bill, dated 16.09.2010, where it stated that the payment was postponed and the new due date was 20.09.2010. Otherwise out internet connection would be cancelled.

When we called Dansk Bredb氓nd for the first time on 27.09.2010, _after a waiting time of approx. half an hour_ they have directed us to their 鈥渂illing department鈥? where they first said was that we had not paid our bill. We informed them that the bill was paid but they claimed that they could not see it in their system. They needed the date to see it on their system or they wanted a fax from our bank stating that we had paid. We contacted our bank. Due to the fact that our bank adviser had not time to fax the document, we could only learn the precise date that we paid the bills. We called Dansk Bredb氓nd again the same date around 14:15, and again after a half our waiting time, we reached another person this time. When we gave them the precise paying date, they said that they had not received any 鈥済irokort鈥?from the date 20.09.2010 yet (the day we also paid). Which means although they did not know either we had paid our bill within the period we were given, our internet connection was cancelled. The person said that he would talk to his department chef and then would call us back. However, we have not received any call until 15:15. When we called them again, for the third time and again a waiting period of half an hour, we talked to a third person and she said that our internet would start within an hour (with no further explanation) and we could access internet within half an hour.

Another recent case is that in our October bill, we have received an amount of 1395,5.DKK to pay. However, this was a bill for three months. Of course, we called Dansk Bredb氓nd and waited half an hour to learn that this was the case, because Dansk Bredb氓nd did not need to inform us about their new payment system.

Questions are:

1. Is it Dansk Bredb氓nd鈥檚 right to cancel our internet connection although they have not seen whether we have paid our bill?

2. If we were late to pay our bill, our internet connection would be cancelled and we would be asked to pay an extra amount鈥?it is fair, because we would have made a mistake and pay for it. However, who would pay for the mistake they have made? Or who is supposed to pay for 90 minutes of waiting time, 90 minutes of phone bill and one day without internet?

3. I am not sure if in our contract there stands a point where it states that Dansk Bredb氓nd had the right to make changes on their prices (e.g. ask for three month period bill to be paid, so that they can earn some more interest on this money). But, aren鈥檛 they supposed to inform the customers about the changes they have made, before they made them?

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