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Website & Phone: Marinus B酶dkersvej 11a Frederikshavn 9900 Denmark

2 years ago

Dansk-carport owner and director Martin is a fraudulent contractor, that embezzled our money.

We paid him 50% of the carport price, he took our money and run.
There is no carport.

Martin claims that he paid our money to Polish factory when he made an order, but later when we asked to show us the order, he has sent the credit note (in Polish) proving that he cancelled the order and got the money fully refunded to his account. We asked for return of our payment, but Martin lies that he has not got the money.

Martin made his company bankrupt again, 2 years later after previous bankruptcy he caused. However before he announced bankruptcy of Dansk Carport IVS, he has set up 2 new companies on his father鈥檚 name and his son鈥檚 name, and moved his other company Dansk-have under one of the new companies. Most probable he used our money as a capital to set his new companies and to bancrupt the one in question.

Martin directed us to his lawyer, so called 鈥渂ankruptcy king鈥?(konkurskongen) who has been prosecuted and convicted for 8 months in jail (suspended) and 2 years of ban on doing business, unless liable with own capital.

We have learned from the legal source that Martin is known to the law system in regard to bankruptcy scheme also called 鈥渞estructuring鈥?or 鈥渒onkurscirkus鈥?when one company is made bankrupt to avoid taxes and creditors, and to move assets to new set-up company.

Moreover photographs of the carport factory in Poland on the Dansk Carport website (Fabrikken i Polen) are in fact stolen from the genuine Polish factory that produces screws, bolts and fasteners, but no carports. Photographs on Martin鈥檚 page are slightly photoshopped, the name of the factory on the building is removed.

Don鈥檛 do business with him unless you want to be scammed.

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