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7 months ago

If I could, I would give 0 stars.

Have been a customer with you guys for 22 years but after several disappointments over the years, time to move on.

1. My account was frozen for not replying 2 silly questions. Of which when you have a copy of my passport, you KNOW I am a citizen. Political affiliations? None of your business.

It's astonishing to discover that a bank can have that much power to freeze and hold your funds all because I failed to answer 2 questions – without the authority of the court or police, and not because I had done anything illegal. Never mind that I couldn't pay bills or access money for groceries.

Money laundering concerns? Please, when banks have that much access to see where your monies come from every month and are able to report to the news stations how much money Norwegians are spending on holiday abroad every holiday season … you have more info than your average consumer on when her money comes in and where it goes to, that freezing a persons account is an unnecessary, simpel and should be a downright illegal move. What you just did was shift your legal responsibility of finding out the activities of your customers, to doing this in an unpleasant and illegal way, when you can see that all incoming monthly transactions (grand total of 1=salary) was from 1 legally registered employer. Outgoings – all your regular utilities & grocery spots within a 1 km radius. I am very much for due diligence and to know your customer but was that necessary?

Despite the next to nothing interest (one of the lousiest in the country in fact for the last 10 years) I kept the account because it had a branch in town. Well, customer service there is non-existent when they refuse to help and push you to go online. If I could do that, I might as well pick an online bank that is cheaper, gives a higher interest rate and, better and immediate customer service than opening help desk tickets.

I'm sorry but twisting your customers arm behind her back, or crippling her financial obligations all because you want something from her is not what you call customer service, there are other ways to do this.

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