Danske Fragtm忙nd Express

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Website & Phone: Anelystparken 37 tilst 8381 Denmark

10 months ago

It was my worst experience for receiving a parcel in Denmark


1 year ago

Absolute worst company I have EVER worked for.

As a contractor I had 3 trucks here. Their invoicing system is absolutely horrendous. They cannot give you any information on how you are paid. They don't have a set cost for mileage, minutes or ANYTHING!! They just say "We try to make sure you earn enough money" which is absolute bulls*it. My company drove for them for 2 years and did not profit one single kroner. But they are sure to get their monthly rent before MOMS and everything else. They don't care if we have earned enough to pay my employees. They don't care if I can't pay my expenses. All they care about is getting their money from me for my drivers' hard work. On top of all that, when I told them I wanted to stop working with them because they have caused me nothing but headache and debt, they charge me 3 months of monthly rent. So after my drivers busted their asses all month, they decide to slap me with a bill that took every kroner we earned and we still owe them 49,000kr. What do they say when I ask them how the fu*k am I supposed to pay my drivers' salary? How am I supposed to pay my expenses?

"You can borrow money from us." Of course we have to charge you interest on that money and we will take it back from the money you are supposed to get for driving this month and the next month. We don't care if it puts you right back in the same situation with not being able to pay anything. All we care about is our fu*king money.


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