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Website & Phone: Baneg氓rdspladsen 18, 1. sal Aarhus C 8000 Denmark
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6 months ago

I came to work in Denmark as an expat for 2 years. When I left, my landlord tried to screw me over bad, not only keeping my entire deposit, but asking for an additional 8000 DKK and payment for an extra two weeks of rent. As the apartment was sparkling clean when I handed it over (much cleaner than when I moved in) I was not going to accept it but also did not know what to do. Luckily, I found Danske Lejere, wrote them an email describing my situation and got a detailed, friendly, and helpful reply quickly. They then handled my case and I cannot imagine anything that could have been done better. They were always keeping me in the loop, explained everything, and remained super friendly throughout. The best part is that they won my case in any way possible and that the crooked landlord had to pay back all the money and even add some extra. Big thanks to Danske Lejere for a fantastic job, I would recommend them to anybody who feels (s)he is getting ripped off by a greedy landlord!


1 year ago

I would like to highly recommend Danske lejere, A special thanks to Louise W眉rtz Nielsen
Sagsbehandler, stud. jur. She has helped me out get 13.500 Danish kr back from cheating landlord. Super good service and fast reply Thank you Louise


1 year ago

I would highly recommend Danske Lejere! There was a serious problem in house on the first day we moved in. The problem eventually makes our relation with the landlord very bad. Thus, we decided to move out. In the meantime, the landlord sometimes made some requests which are actually illegal. Fortunately, I obtained many useful advices from the staff of Danske Lejere.

After moving out, Danske Lejere dealt with the landlord on my behalf. The landlord spent more than the three-month deposit to renovate the house (that is not justified at all in my opinion) and tried to keep all my deposit. My caseworker (Mette (in Odense) who is very patient, friendly and helpful) filed the complaint to huslejen忙vnet. Recently, we received a very positive result.

I really appreciate the help from Mette and Danske Lejere. Without them, I will probably loose all deposit and even have to pay more after moving out.


2 years ago

I can only recommend Danske Lejere – they helped a lot with my case and were professional and nice to deal with at every step of the process. The legal advice and expertise they offered was invaluable, and helped me achieve what I wanted. Again, I've had only good experience with them and can recommend them to any tenant struggling with a legal situation.


2 years ago

I can only praise Danske Lejere Aalborg: especially Sophia Holmberg Brogaard Christensen for her professional, respectful & totally hands on work with my dispute.
A dispute that nearly lasted a year where my former landlord / company tried to force me to pay nearly 40.000 kr in renovation. Which was totally criminal and had no bearings but without the exceptional advice from Sophia Holmberg Brogaard Christensen I might well have been forced to pay this absurd demand.
No stone was left unturned with each demand after the other faced full on and dealt with accordingly so I am just so very relieved and grateful for the truly positive outcome.
Without this unique help I received throughout the last 12 months I can only state that the outcome would not have been so positive.
The outcome was deemed fully in my favour, such an amazing outcome which truly saved me.
Thank you Danske Lejere!


2 years ago

I got excellent help with my case. The case worker helped solving dispute about the deposit with my former landlord which was ongoing for more than 2 months. I got quick help, the case worker updated me and acted very professionally.

The result was also very successful as the required amount of money for renovation was reduced by close to 6000kroner.

100% recommendation


3 years ago

Had a great help dealing with landlord and won a case thanks to Danske Lejere, very respectful and professional. Had also no problem communicating in English which is very highly appreciated.
Thank you! Tusind tak!!

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