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Website & Phone: Korsdalsvej 135 Br酶ndby 2605

3 months ago

For no reason blocked my account, and restored it next day morning. I missed the golden window to bet and lost money.


3 months ago

I鈥檓 so glad I found this service.


4 months ago

I originally complained that I did not receive an answer from customer service but it turned out they did but it handed up in the spam folder.
I would recommend to add a reminder after submitting a request for help to check the spam folder.


6 months ago

It's obvious that you get cheated with danskespil. I have experienced in several occasions playing roulette a convenient weird lost of connection message.
Same when betting with oddset when I tried to cash out I received 2 messages saying the odds have changed during the 2 first attempts and a connection error third message on the last attempt to finally not be able to cash out.
Not happy!!!


1 year ago

Shering my bad experience. Today on September 9. 2019 I have been playing on Dansk spil online casino slot machine cald " Loot'en khamun" at around 9.00 a clock. There was an technical problem when I put bet of 25 dkk I have been charged of 500 dkk and soon I lost around 4500 dkk. At first I have contacted customer service and they confirmed that problem with slot machine and they told me they will call me back. After 20 min call me back and told there is no problem I checked and problem was solved and from conversation I understood that they will not return me money. Is that not cheating? Shouldn't I get my money back? What can I do? Is it possible to prove that it was technical error? Hoping for your support. Best regards Roberts.


2 years ago

I am just losing here, crappy!


3 years ago

One of the worst betting sites i have ever been on ,I find it impossibel how you make your money .All the other betting sites in europe can rest easy as for competition , from Dansk Spil the is none .


6 years ago

Fin side – men der mgl b氓de variation i v忙ddem氓l samt kampe


8 years ago

ok, so i want to play for a minimum money (which is 200 kr). i have 100 mbps connection (and in denmark) but for all day long i cannot login to danskespil! when i could then the connection is either being reestablished during the game or totally lost. ok, whatever. i manage to connect without issues at midnight. i start playing. there are players (bots actually) who play on all of the 9/9 cashgame tables. how is that even possible? or take this for an example: whenever i raise this guy raises me 4 times! but whenever i fold he also folds. how fucking random is that? or how about this: i have QQ/KK/AA i raise half my chips or all in then this guy (bot) calls with hearts A9 and gets a bleeding flush! not once, not twice….every time!

i mean it is so obvious that this site is rigged. what really baffles me is that this site is supposed to be danish government's official and regulated the one and only online poker site! jesus christ man. if denmark, which is one of the least corrupted countries, does this i don't even wanna know about the rest of 'em. keep away from this site and possibly also the rest of 'em. if you wanna play poker go play it in casino with real people not with fucking bots!

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