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Website & Phone: Springstrup 7 Holb忙k 4300 Denmark

1 year ago

It has been now 4 years with them, the chance to change to another company with a different technology way faster for almost the same money, and yet I am staying. Reasons? It is quite simple.

Another company support: You are #7 in the queue, please wait
DanskNet: There are 2 people in front of you. If you want, press 1 and we will call you back -you will keep your turn.

Me to another company support: Hi, my customer number is 333333333 and my issue, etc. etc.
Me to DanskNet (real conversation): Hi, my customer number is…
DanskNet support: (stops me)… no need Andr茅s, we know who you are.

And that is nothing. Minimum downtime, all pre-warned through email, SMS, with enough time, etc. Bandwidth maxed out, sometimes wondering how isn't the protocol taking more…

Problem with the router because I updated the firmware? We think the best option is to send you another -newer- router.

Not enough speed? We can offer only up to 30 in theory, but your address accepts 36, we can give you that for a small price increase -that's flexibility!

Are you getting 1 Gbps? Not yet, but if you really need it you can get it with company 2 and company 3…

Can't recommend them enough. Best provider I have ever been with. Period.


3 years ago

Extremely good internet provider, I am using their service the past year and a half and it鈥檚 awesome. As well as the customer service. Truly professionals who understand from their job !!!


3 years ago

Charlotte from the Dansknet customer service was extremely helpful and got me out of a pickle. 10/10 would recommend again.


4 years ago

Super service!


5 years ago

Det er super stabilt internet at dansknet yder, og god kundeservice.


6 years ago

For the last 5 years since I've bought a house on Amager we had reaaaaal trouble having proper internet connection. Of the landline providers I've tried TDC Erhverv, Fullrate and then TDC Privat. All of them struggled to deliver anything above 8Mb/s and it never was without a problem – break downs several times a day, rooter restart etc.
My conclusion was, that it is just technically impossible to get a normal landline based internet to my house. So I switched to 3s 4G net. Which… was ok for the first half year (8-12Mb/s average), but then slowly degraded to barely 1Mb during the day hours and just to 2000-500Kb/s during the evening. It is then I remembered a positive story of Dansknet from one of my work colleagues and decided to try it out

I tested what kind of connection Dansket would be able to deliver to me on their home site and found out that they could give me 50Mb/s! I thought it was a pile of dirt (i did ran similar tests on TDCs/Fullrates pages and they never were even close to the reality). Anyhow – I called them. The support person assured me, that it should not be a problem to deliver the promised speed, and told me, that TDC / Fullrate most likely used a different station to connect to my house. The station they had could deliver as much as 15Mbs to my home. I decided to go for it and ordered 30Mb/s to start with. And what do you know! My internet is indeed running at the promised speed (well at 27-28Mbs, but that is within the promised margin)! The WiFi signal quality is outstanding too. My rooter is in the basement and I'm getting full connectivity & same speed everywhere in the house. This was so not the case with 3s 4G modem, which would loose 50% os the speed (Mb/s) id a computer would be more than 5 meters away from it. Also, the router comes with a handy USB port, which could be utilised to attach a HDD and use it as a NAS device or a shared network drive.
I'm really satisfied customer. This is my first review on trust pilot and I'm writing it in a hope, that choosing Dansknet should make a life better for some one as it did for me 🙂 What a re we without internet these days!


6 years ago

DanskNet offers superior customer service. Attaining a broadband internet connection was quick and easy, the delivery was sped up without any hassle and, when the network initially did not work, I was helped within a few hours by e-mail. Furthermore, the service is personalized and effective, as I've gotten tips how to improve my connection speed without directly asking for it.


6 years ago

I have had no complaints while using Dansk net for over 2 years in Copenhagen, but when I had to move to a new place, the service was just awful. Not only did their moving service not check whether they could provide a new connection at my new place, when it turned out that this wasn't possible, they said I was bound to them for 6 months and they could send a technician over to install the sockets for the phoneline for DKK 1295 (i.e. >5 months worth of 20/2 Mbit internet). However, even if I had gone for this option, the technician could not have installed the sockets as the apartment was renovated just before I got it and the phone lines were removed completely. Dansk net referred to removing the phone line from the place during the renovation as "vandalism", but even if this was done inappropriately, it was most certainly not my fault and they did not acknowledge that fact. Even when I made this clear to Danks net, they still insisted I was bound to them, and the only way they would let me out of the contract was if I paid DKK 680 for "costs they incurred for moving my internet connection". When I asked them what those costs were, and why these costs were so high for what basically amounts to changing some settings and details on my account, their reply was: "We are not able to elaborate the bill further. We can not disclose the prices we are charged by our subcontractor." I ended up paying the DKK 680 to be rid of these people, but considering this experience, I would not recommend this provider to anyone!


6 years ago

I am writing on behalf of Sara Gregson (my partner). We chose dansknet because it was the best deal we could get a 30mbit connection for 250 DKK per month. There were some initial problems with even having a connection but the customer service were helpful and tried to resolve the issue.

We noticed our speed is poor, we pay for 30mbit, the site says the minimum guarantee is 22. We are lucky to get 18 mbit which – after a technician came out – verified it is because we are bit too far away from the central terminal, right on the border. We asked to get the price reduced so that it was fair. We were told a refund would happen but instead we were charged extra by mistake. We called and they said it would be fixed this month, instead of being charged the correct amount we have been charged extra yet again.

I have since learned that the price was only reduced by 10 DKK per month, we lose almost half the speed we are supposed to get and the price does not reflect that. My girlfriend has called several times (since I am out of the country) but despite the efforts of the service people who my girlfriend says are all very nice, the slow speed and incorrect price persists.

We would be happy to pay for more speed but I think our line is maxed out, not sure if the lines will be upgraded so we can get a better speed. Nevertheless, the low rating is because you have stated previously in the reply to another customer 'Hos os skal du kun betale for det du f氓r – hverken mere eller mindre' and I cannot agree that we are only paying for what we are getting.

If you can resolve this in a timely manner I will be happy to alter the review to reflect your efforts and professionalism.

Footnotes: the speed never goes above 18mbit wirelessly or through ethernet cables. At one point it was only at 8 mbit for a few weeks which has not been compensated in any way. The router has also been quite unstable, often Sara has had to borrow the neighbor's internet (thank god otherwise we wouldn't be able to skype!). If you need any more information you can write her or call Sara.

EDIT, reply: It is exactly because we spoke yesterday and I found out the discount was only 10 DKK, which is quite insulting given the poor performance of the line. I understand it is not linear but you must be able to do better than that. It does have plenty of relevance for everybody here, people need to know how you compensate customers when things go wrong (which can happen to any company) and my review reflects the dissatisfaction of your compensation policy. With all of the problems we expected a free month or several discounted months, much like in a restaurant when your order is very delayed or they mess it up, you either get a free meal or free dessert. We are still waiting to be compensated since there have been problems for 2 months straight.

About the line quality, maybe you should actually investigate this, we have told you every time there is instability or poor performance. When we did a speedcheck on your website by putting in our address, it told us that 30mbit was what we could get. The minimum speed we would get is 22mbit download and 4 mbit upload. That reminds me that our upload is only 1-2mbit. You need to have a warning on your site after this check so people who are quite far from the central terminal can make an informed decision about the risk. If we had received this warning then we would have gone with cable internet which is what we will be switching to if we cannot get an appropriate price for our ADSL line.

You mentioned that are speeds are well within the 20mbit connection, we are supposed to get 30mbit, so I'm not sure why you are speaking of the connection as if it is 20mbit, we are still supposed to get 22mbit as a minimum. Anyway, you did not mention if you are going to upgrade the copper (or if this is a different company), if we have to wait for this to happen or we are doomed to have an underperforming ADSL connection forever.

EDIT 2nd reply
You should be careful to not insult the communication ability of your customers. Sara and I have spoken regularly and it has been challenging to note and remember all of the exact mistakes and miscommunications, some of which may be your fault and some of which may be ours. Just take a look at our bills and they look confusing. It would be a good idea to have somebody evaluate your messages before posting, there are nicer, more polite ways to explain error without pointing the finger at your customers' incompetence.

We were told that our bill will now be 199 per month until our 6 month contract expires. Sara was told today that she will be reimbursed just 82 DKK (overcharged 117 this month, and the woman said we would be compensated 82 next bill =199 total) for all the phone calls, missing internet and unstable internet. So we expect the bill to be 0 next month following what the customer representative said (who Sara said again was very nice). If our bill continues to be 199 and there are no more administrative issues then the starts may be changed (before it changed to 238 which is more than the 199 campaign deal we were promised, imagine complaining that you aren't getting the speed you desired, they lower it and then charge you more – that's crazy).

I appreciate the information about TDC, monopolies are always bad for communications especially if they are slow at upgrading and keeping with the times, what we of course need is fiber. I recognize that the speed issue is not Dansknet's fault.

Please remember to keep your tone polite and empathic, not all of your customers are ignorant about technology or poor at communication. Us feeling like we are being insulted (especially in terms of our intelligence, knowledge or communication skills) is a certain way to lose us as customers.

Hopefully everything smooths out.


7 years ago

Profesional and Excellent suport from DanskNet .

Regards Galin!


9 years ago

Never had such bad service from a IP.
I would never recommend Dansknet to anyone.


9 years ago

Dansk Net appears a complete waste of time


10 years ago

i har et stabiltbredb氓nd


10 years ago

This is the best internet and phone company I've used since I started work in Denmark. The most amazing thing about this guys is the amazingly short time they take to resolve a problem. Whenever my internet or phone line had a problem, they fixed it immediately so I could concentrate on other things.
Bravo Dansknet! I am one satisfied customer.

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