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1 year ago

I reached to the company because I could see the reviews and I was happy as other seem to be happy. It was expected to take maximum 5 days. Started on 6th and last work was done on 24th of May
The result is this one:
I took a day off from work so I can be home on 6th when Lasse said they will start. On 6th they only delivered the materials.
The next day, ''Steffen'' showed up, worked 2-3 hours and I have found him sleeping in the car almost each day. It was the same for the next day as long as I was home. At one moment, one of my neighbors asked me if Steffen is ok as he was sleeping in the car since he arrive at 08:30 until 11:00 when I had to move my car.
One day he told me he has stomach problems. Stay home if you can't work!!!!
Communication: Lasse picked up the phone until the last days, afterwards he was not returning my calls. Nothing changed even after my multiple calls. No phone call at the end or visit to evaluate result. Just the invoice.
Quality: Can't add pictures otherwise you'll see yourselves. Steffen was a complete amateur and I would think I am lucky to get warranty on the product otherwise I hope the roof will resist the storms. He had to correct some of the work after I asked him as it looked unsafe for me and family.
Cleaning: Many users were happy that space was cleaning each day. I had to call Lasse several times as at one moment I had to move furniture but can't pull the car close to house due to materials on the alley and pavement
Overall: I've been living in Denmark for 6 years and this is the worse experience I had so far with any service provider.
I'm not contesting they did good work in other places, but this Steffen is one of a kind. The fact that he is new is not customer's problem and it is also company's task to take care this is not happening.
My mistake: I haven't asked Lasse to add the estimated finishing date in the contract. My lawyer would have been soo happy to sue them for low quality work.

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