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5 years ago

Went inside paid for gas with my check card.Went to pump the gas but it didn't work.Went inside and he said I probably was trying diesel.Which I wasn't.He came out and it didn't work so he swiped my card at the pump which I never do due to the hold they put on account.We went back in and he said it cancelled itself out so I needed to reswipe.Finally it pumped gas.As soon as I got home I checked my bank statement and there was my first swipe,second swipe and $125 hold from his swipe.I immediately went back and he said it will work itself out.I would only be charged once and the hold would be taken off in a few days.He is telling me that is procedure which I know about and I said you swiped it not me.His response was its really not your money anyhow.It most certainly is mine,not a credit card.It took a week for the hold to be released and my second charge to be removed.Awful place of business.

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