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5 months ago

I bought about 12 sets to use instead of nail polish during the Covid 19 lockdown as my husband is home & can't tolerate nail polish fumes. The gloss strips come up at the edges of my nails, are difficult to smooth out and last maybe a day. I have written twice now to Dashing Diva and had no response. I even bought the recommended red therapy. The strips come loose just from scratching an itch or taking a shower and I end up trying to file them smooth but also file my nails. I wear gloves when doing house work as suggested. Basically they are garbage and to ask for help and not get an answer is shameful. I'm looking for another nail strip manufacturer.


7 years ago

This site is very pathetic. They only carry three different products. They sell base coat, cuticle, and top coat polish. These products can easily be bought somewhere else. I am surprised they don't sell a greater range of products.

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