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Website & Phone: Rue Marcel Dassault 10 V茅lizy-Villacoublay 78140 France

10 months ago

I wanted to buy a licence for Draftsight (Dassault) and when on the Dassault web site thought that I was dealing with them. However they have an automatic link so that all transactions are handled by Cleverbridge. When I pressed the "Pay Now" button after giving my credit card details I was still not aware that the payment was being handled by Cleverbridge. I had completed my purchase in UK Pounds but when my credit card statement arrived several weeks later I found that I was charged in what appeared to be Brazilian Real. I therefore had to pay for the currency transfer and a standing charge.

Thinking this was a simple error I contacted Cleverbridge. After a few attempts at getting them to understand the problem they washed their hands of it and referred me back to the Draftsight (Dassault) people for a complete refund. Despite even more emails to them nothing has happened. I telephoned their UK office to be told that they cannot handle complaints !

I have never had an online purchase experience as bad as this and frankly wish that Trustpilot had a category for rogue traders. I will be taking the matter up with the UK Trading Standards people and also with my credit card company.


1 year ago

Nice website. Objective, Individual, Informative, Nice Looking, Great company to relay on..

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