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Website & Phone: Hangarvej 302 Drag酶r 2791 Denmark

11 months ago

Email sent to DAT:
The 22 th of February I had a very unfortunate and unpleasant experience resulting in the incapacity of getting home to Copenhagen, where I am a resident. I had visited my parents in France, where I arrived on the 15 th of February. On the 22 th, I went to the airport of Grenoble, to take my flight DAT 665, which was scheduled to take off at 18.10. Not able to find my flight on the departure screen I started to feel that something was wrong, and I went to the information to seek support. The lady at the desk assured me that everything was in finest order, my flight had just been scheduled to take off at 19.30 instead, and would land in Copenhagen before taking off to Billund. I was of course surprised and a little annoyed that I hadn鈥檛 been warned by your agency, neither by phone or email. When the time for check in finally arrived, I got one more surprise, because my name was simply not to be found on the passager list. Again I asked the staff if everything was in order, because I was at that point quite concerned. They assured me that all was fine, that it was a simple error in the system. I told the staff that I didn鈥檛 understand why my flight was called Billund on the departure screen, and got the response that this was also an error. They created a seat for me and my luggage was registered. For the next couple of hours, still concerned about the situation and finding the whole ordeal very odd and unprofessional, I asked several times different members of the staff to please confirm that the flight would indeed land in Copenhagen. Everyone assured me that I didn鈥檛 have to worry. When we boarded I got one more surprise, because a man was sitting in my seat, and I was ask to wait for a little moment on the opposite side. Still concerned I went up to the air hostesses to ask one last time to assure me that this flight was indeed going to Copenhagen before Billund. And this time my surprise turned into chock when I was told that the flight was going directly to Billund! I explained everything to the hostesses, and they simply answered that I should call the airline to find out what went wrong. The shock turned into anger over such a disrespectful and incompetent behaviour, and for the next hour I had to stand and wait while hostesses and pilots tried to find out what was wrong and what to do about it. At one point a young man from the airport staff came up and literally ordered me to sit down and I quote 鈥渢his plane is going to Billund now and you too鈥? I guess you can understand my outrage and that I became furious demanding to immediately getting off the plane and telling the staff that forcing me to take a plane against my will is simply against the law! Absolutely everything was seen and heard by the other passengers and I got some telephone numbers just in case I would need some witnesses. I was told that the time and destination had been changed the 21 th of February, and apparently no one had contacted me to inform me and help me to find an other flight to Copenhagen. I finally got out of the plane and it took quite a long time for the 6 or 7 staffs to find my luggage. I had of course contacted my parents, and my father had to drive all the way back to the airport to come and get me. At the information we were told that we had to buy a new plane ticket to another day. So that was what we did that same evening. I also want to inform you that already on my way to France, I experienced troubles at the airport of Copenhagen. When I tried to check in, my name didn鈥檛 came up, and a hostess who didn鈥檛 seem to believe that I was able to handle this properly (of course she didn鈥檛 know that I had been traveling on my own since the age of 5) had to find me via my passport. When my parents tried to find the flight online to make sure there was no delay, the flight didn鈥檛 show up.
This whole experience was simply horrible and totally unacceptable, and I am demanding a full refund for all costs.


1 year ago

Have got nothing good to say about this company. AT ALL!!!


2 years ago

My flight was ment to be operated by Air Baltic, but actually it was operated by DAT Atr 72. It was nice experience, pilots and crew were polite ( they were tired indeed ) .But landing to Tallinn was really nice ( there was heavy rain, fog and strong wind and it was dark ). So I appreciate it, cause it was one of the hardest landing, that pilots needed to do.
Yes, the plane wasnt really new and made a lot of noise, cause it is old type Atr 72, not new like Norra ones.

But because they have that extrodinary pilots, I rate it 5 stars.


4 years ago

Ok we arrived in Copenhagen alive and in one piece, but I have never in all my years of flying experienced this kind of noise inside a plane. We measured the noise at 74 decibel, and had to wear earplugs all the way. My head was spinning after the flight. I don't understand how this can be allowed on a passenger plane! Apart from that we arrived only a bit delayed and the seats were big and nice, but I will never fly DAT again. I thought I was flying Norwegian, but because of the summer busy-ness I expect they had asked DAT to help out. Good gracious.


5 years ago

Thanks to the company and to the staff, for the opportunity to participate in this very nice event


6 years ago

We were very pleased to be onboard DAT to and from Corsica last week.
The best service we ever have seen.
Thanks a million.

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