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1 year ago

Had a ten year old external hard drive that wouldn't mount one day after working perfectly. Shame on me for keeping it that long. I did not want to take this thing apart, ship it to a recovery service out of state nor buy recovery software since this is not my expertise. I found Alex on Yelp and his reviews were good, so I sent an email to see if I could bring him the drive. He responded within a few hours and we setup an appointment the next business day. The office is easy to find in a house off a main road. Small sign on the door.

He had me sit with him while he opened the drive and diagnosed it. This took about an hour and in that time he gave me an estimate on what could be recovered, flat rate price and timing. I had a new drive shipped to him to transfer the new data and picked it up four days later.

Alex is reliable, honest and thorough. While I hope to never find myself in this predicament again, if I do I will use his services.


3 years ago

An external Western Digital passport, one day the drive was fine, the next day it started clicking. Through multiple computers and operating systems, even the help of IT guys at my work, all efforts to resuscitate the drive failed.

Given the plethora of data and sadly not having backed it up since I was in a transition between computers, moving data from one to the other, I looked for a local data recovery solution.

Low and behold New England Data Recovery was my answer! Alex was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Pretty cool guy, laid back, will in detail explain everything out to you as to what's potentially wrong with the drive and your options with respect to data recovery, if necessary.

Interrogating the drive on day one, going through a series of trials, tests, and part exchanges, it was determined scratches on the disk, the head-reader having failed, a full data recovery was in order. Could've been a number of things as I had bopped around with the drive in my backpack for a number of years.

A complete success, I got both the data and file structure back as it was on the drive originally. Saved me a lot of heartache having all my files, especially my personal photos, back again. Many thanks to Alex for saving all my data!


7 years ago

They did it. Recovered my pictures which were priceless. Sent my hard drive from Texas and glad I did!

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