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Website & Phone: Camino Del Rio S, Suite 302 San Diego 2801 United States

2 years ago

I have used their services for a migration of our CRM. They have an automated tool which claims to migrate all the data. The trick is the migration won't migrate files and attachments. When you finally reach a customer support person, who are not responsive during the day – I think the entire team is in Ukraine, instead of a refund you will get an additional quote for a new migration. I recommend finding a different provider.


2 years ago

Supportive on Live chat…excellent product, just have to realise that these crms arent designed to talk to one another, what they do is a convenience.


2 years ago

All good to start with, when the migration ended they then inform me that any files (contracts etc) wont be migrated and can't be. This makes the migration unacceptable. My advice is to spend more and pick someone else.


4 years ago

Easy to use and great support and services!

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