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I might be just a little "biased"…. having had put this collection together over what goes back and further… I like the somewhat interesting PICs and VIDEOs they make. It's pretty cool to just watch a drone video or shooting video while you're tryin' to figger' out what Database you like Best. More importantly, the website was crowded and hard to go thru cuz it's so JAM-packed with Data week after week, month after month, and so on… Definitely the PLACE 2 GO if you don't wanna spend the exorbitant amount of $$$ the "PROs" charge "per thousand records"… LAME. Don't let yourself keep writing these DATA COMPANIES "Blank Checks"… especially IF I already have the Data. I hear BIG COMPANIES are constantly looking for ways to "straighten out the curve" when it comes to spending. Well, WHEN and IF they wanna [email protected] $$$$$, i'll be around.

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