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1 year ago

DataCAD Architectural computer aided design software tools are more cost effective for Architects than competing products.
Developed at the very outset of computer aided design by an Architectural firm, DataCAD was able to patent a logic and nomenclature that was and is familiar to every practicing architect. As a result now, decades of continuous user driven development later, It remains easier to learn to use than any other CAD tool. Little or no formal training is necessary to your success. Really.

I bought the software, read the manuals and designed a residence in 3D and produced the contract documents for it. with only three phone calls for support. After that try out, I never looked back.

DataCAD is not the dominant CAD product in the industry, but I cannot tell you how much I valued the fact that I could actually call and talk to the CEO of DataCAD about it's development and my needs. Users of DataCAD spend far less on purchase, training and support, and in my opinion enjoy using a superior tool that makes their work a greater pleasure and their wallet fatter faster.
Type datacad into your search engine and try it.

I chose DataCAD, I used it to add a half million square feet to the San Diego convention Center, and a lot of other projects in the same type category. I loved it, and used it for nearly thirty years, I use it now. Don't let your firm and pick your pocket. Try DataCAD and see what over thirty years of user guided architectural CAD software development can offer your practice.

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