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3 months ago

Great courses and projects. Editing the codes help us gain confidence. Step by step improvement in the difficulty level. I have erased the whole code several times and tried the exercises on my own. There is no problem with canceling subscriptions. It is worth more than Netflix or amazon prime. A very good investment.


3 months ago

I only have a good experience with this platform. For me, it is one of the best platforms to learn to be a backend developer.


3 months ago

I really don't understand why DataCamp is getting such negative reviews here. I paid 拢127 back in February 2019 for premium subscription and started with SQL, then started on Python (I didn't really get along with R). I've completed the Data Scientist course and am now doing the machine learning course. Plan is to also learn the visuatlisation platforms too.

For 拢127 for a year I think the basic idea is that each course/module gives you a primer to the concepts and introductions to for example, how you would use a Tfid Vectorizer. The onus is then on you to go and use other sources to build your skills and there's plenty of other content out there. I've got VS Code and use also Jupyter and am slowly learning – anytime I need a recap I'll go back to DataCamp. I don't expect to be a pro just because I paid 拢127 – I think that's wholly unrealistic!! DataCamp are doing a great job in updating their content to stay relevant and I think it's actually a really excellent platform.


3 months ago

DataCamp is a scam, making canceling your subscription difficult & vague. Don't do business with DataCamp!


4 months ago

3 reasons why Datacamp is a ripoff.

First: Wrong skill-level matching. The course will tell you it's a beginner level course when it's not. I feel sorry for absolute beginners who will feel like they're stupid when it's the course claim's fault.

Second: Absolutely poor content. Lessons briefly explain complex topics then will ask you to EDIT the code instead of coding it from scratch so you actually learn. If this is the case, I should've gone to Coursera or EdX instead.

Third: Cancellation scam. On the subscriptions tab, it will give you a 'Stop Automatic Billing' option but it wouldn't cancel your subscriptions, instead, it will only delay your payment for a month without providing you any notifications. It doesn't have an easy or clear cancellation option. Check out Datacamp's account settings to prove my point.

Datacamp is a total waste of money. Try Youtube, EdX, or Coursera instead if all you're going to do is watch videos and then look up the terms they provided to you instead of actually explaining it in detail as a paid course should.

I'm subscribed to both Datacamp and Dataquest, and the latter is infinitely better.


5 months ago

I never used this company never even heard of it yet have been billed 49 dollars a month for 9 months. No phone number to call just an email which they asked for an account number which l don't have because l am not a member or subscriber


5 months ago

I used this site a ton in my previous job to help me learn data analysis techniques, statistics and coding. The courses are extremely helpful and well structured. I would have continued to use their service, but I changed careers away from data and therefore no longer had a need for their content. I forgot to cancel my autopay when I quit my old job and didn't realize until I was charged for another year a few months later. I spoke to someone from customer service to explain my situation, and he replied almost immediately and was very helpful in facilitating a refund. I've had nothing but great experiences with this platform all around.


5 months ago

They – as other reviews have said – scam you into being billed even when you haven't used the courses at all. As a data science company they know if you have used it or not. . . Yet they charge you for the money anyway – and advertise the price as monthly yet charge yearly: a dirty practice.

They also keep phone app and desktop app as different courses which requires you to subscribe and pay more for either or both rather than just for the service. Imagine the same with Netflix, say, charging you for movies on laptop but television – only – on your phone!

The courses are also rubbish and the price disproportionate: economists logically agree that there is little value creation earned by just allowing access to information that requires no labour and money to deserve being paid more for each time.


6 months ago

Getting a lot of spam from this site, not sure how they even get my email address. Watch out.


7 months ago

I've had the same issue as many others with Datacamp. They have a scam operation on their subscription service. All those other reviews on the subscription scam, that's a very strong truth about this fraudulent company.

Small, unstable companies have untrustworthy business practices.

What Datacamp does is they will auto-enroll without your knowledge or consent. Then they bill you even though you haven't used the service in more than a year. For a DATA SCIENCE company, they KNOW they have customer usage data on their site but the fact they will bill inactive accounts means they don't care, they are greedy for money. Not a successful venture. There's a reason Datacamp is small and will stay small. They have small dark hearts intent on scamming customers.

Most who use the site aren't using it for more than a year for their needs. No one uses it long-term, it's geared towards learners and students so it's not lifelong subscription. So they'll milk as much as they can to steal your money! If you read a lot of reviews on other sites, you start to see the same pattern with their subscription service. That is not a coincidence. A lot of users report on this issue so I really recommend folks to not use Datacamp cause they will find a way to get more money without your consent or knowledge. Plus their exercises are for more beginners and don't always work. I do NOT recommend this site, just get a book or learn free online through many other sites.


7 months ago

Datacamp does not notice that subscription will be renewed and charged. Courses are of poor quality.


8 months ago

I quickly learned that datacamp teaches you how to do certain things in programming but not how to solve problems. I moved on after a few months and forgot that I had set up an automatic renewal payment. Now I have been charged $120 for another year that I will not use at all. They will not refund my automatic renewal even though I cancelled within a few days of the renewal. This is a scam.


9 months ago

I created a review previously and deleted it as it wasn't a fair reflection of Datacamp. This one is hopefully more balanced.

Datacamp does not require laborious installation of multiple software applications, complex configuration of IDEs or databases nor the administration of security settings, unlike vendors like Coursera for example, who require for certain courses that you install software, which almost always turns out to be out of date, incompatible or with instructions that are just plain wrong.

Datacamp does't require that you know anything about programming. It teaches you bitesize chunks and gently introduces you to a wide range technologies and subjects including GIT, Scala, Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Excel, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics and Probability and more.

Datacamp doesn't cost as much as Udacity or some of the EdX micromasters.

Datacamp doesn't restrict you to one learning path: You can start as a Python Developer, change to a Data Analyst using Python for example, then to a Data Analyst using R then to a Machine Learning Engineer using R then to statistician, or any other combination of roles, any number of times. There are no restrictions at all on what nor how you choose to study.

It's affordable and offers a low-cost, low-skill/knowledge pathway into various domains.

The courses progress in "baby-steps".

The courses are really only intended for beginners. If you wish to improve your skills beyond a rudimentary level then you may find it frustrating to have all of your code spoon-fed to you with the only cognitive test of your skill being to guess which word fills a blank space.

This is a big problem for Datacamp and is the reason it lacks an extra 2 stars. It's all the more frustrating and annoying given that this situation is so easy to solve.

If a basic indication of learning could be simplified as 1) Identifying the correct 'answer' from a finite list, 2) Recalling the answer without a list of possible answers 3) Correctly applying the answer without a list of possible answers, then DataCamp only concentrates on level 1, whereas the real world requires level 3 competence.

To achieve this Datacamp could split a large program into smaller functional areas. For instance it could split the objective of "reading from a CSV file and printing the data onto a bar graph" into the steps of: importing the libraries, opening the file, reading the file, saving the data in a variable, loading the data to a graphing function and finally displaying the graph. It could then test level 1 understanding to see if someone can order the functional parts correctly. It could then as a level 2 test ask the person to type what functions go in each part, e.g. read_csv and finally could test level 3 comprehension by asking the student to identify what arguments to pass from the documentation (like in the real world) and run and test the program – but it doesn't do this. It only ever stays at level 1 and it is really, genuinely, unbelievably frustrating, as this overuse of adverbs will attest. It's like receiving a provisional driving licence, getting in the car with the instructor, receiving the obligatory safety instructions, starting the car, checking the mirrors…and then turning off the engine because that's the end of the lesson. Maybe it'd be a different car or a different driveway or instructor each day…but it'd always be the same: you never get out the driveway.

And that's the problem with DataCamp as it stands: It's great for getting started, but useless if you actually want to get anywhere.

Still it's an easy situation for them to improve and I hope that they do, as it'd make their courses some of the best available


11 months ago

they give you a monthly amount but charge you yearly! shame on datacamp


1 year ago

DON鈥橳 BUY THIS PRODUCT! They scam customers into paying yearly suscription for up to 300 pounds. Bad company!


1 year ago

I was using the website a few months back and it seemed great to learn a lot of basics in R. I unsubscribed then resubscribed about a half year later and they charged me $399 using an auto payment reviewal after it was activated past a month. The charge did not even show up in an email confirmation, which is shady. Since then they put this autorenewal into the contract to scam people into a yearly subscription when you don't pay attention to the monthly charges. Several other reviews here said the same thing happened to them. It is very clear that they are trying to scam people now. Plus a lot of the courses are out of data with current computational pipelines. I'm very disappointed. Definitely avoid.


1 year ago

I type correct responses too many times that are not being accepted. In addition, the first course I am taking is free but then I became a subscriber and I sent a request, the answer is non-subscribers takes two days for an answer.
In addition, there is no one to contact.


1 year ago

Incompetent customer service. I contacted them in early June 2019 to request a refund for May 2019 subscription because I did not use anything and I have a short budget and have no money to pay for service that I did not use. In response, they messaged me that they canceled my subscription for June 2019 and as a gesture of goodwill they refunded me for June 2019. This is so unintelligent. I never asked them to cancel my subscription and to get a refund for June 2019. I asked them to refund me for May 2019. They are totally stupid and unable to talk in normal, factual manner. I contacted them at the beginning of June like 3rd or 2nd of June 2019. They still did not solve my complaint.

They carried the refund for June 2019 and mess around that they are doing me a gesture. How astonishing and perverted it is. My refund is not correct as the money refunded is less than I paid for a subscription for June. They even do not get this on board either. Complete lack of understanding of the situation by them. They need to refund the correct amount and they even cannot handle such an easy thing.


1 year ago

Never never go for their offers and never purchase their subsciptions. There are so many working educational platforms which really do their job. Datacamp is not one of them: all they care about is your money and auto-renewal of your subscription. Their support representatives will explicitly ignore your inquiries and demonstrate their "I do not care" attitude. Your subscription cancellation requests will be simply ignored and their management doesn't care about it. I've brought a few tickets to their attention via email (you can google it) and guess what? They simply do not answer.

Datacamp has to change their motto from Learn Data Science Online to Learn How To Steal Online.

P.S. even though their so called policy says "no refunds", you have a right for a refund – contact your bank representative for further information. I was able to get my money back.

P.P.S. My review was temporarily removed after DC flagged it for violating the TrustPilot's rules and containing personal info. They put so many efforts to clean out all the negative info about their company, but they never try to solve the issues of their customers or educate their staff. They didn't even try to contact me or provide a feedback for the mails I've sent them.

A few more reasons to delete your DataCamp account right now (you can find it on the internet as Trustpilot doesn't allow URLs):
1. Noam Ross – datacamp-sexual-assault
2. Julia Silge – datacamp-misconduct
3. DHAVIDE ARULIAH- a-note-to-our-commuity-on-building-trus
4. RLadies – statement-about-datacamp
5. SatRDays – datacamp-sponsorship


2 years ago

I am unable to pay my student loan fees this month because of Datacamp's sneaky annual auto-renewal – beware!!!!!!! I did not even receive a notice or receipt to inform me that I had been charged this large amount – it wasn't until a "low balance" warning issued to my inbox that I became aware that $180 had been charged! I have not used this service for over a year and of course did not think to check the website for a subscription cancellation or payment date. Their website says they do not provide refunds for automatic subscription even though they provide no notice that the subscription is going to be charged annually!! AVOID!!!


2 years ago

I have been programming python for 2 years now, doing it for work and for fun. I've been using python to build web applications, and also for data science applications at work. I wanted to know more about python and was looking for an intermediate level course that would permit me to expand my understanding of the language and apply it more readily to the data science problems my company is facing. I started learning with datacamp at 11:30 this morning, and now it's 12:30. I cannot express how incredibly helpful it has ALREADY been. Their explanations are thorough and clear, more so than many other learning platforms have been, they don't baby you and get into some of the inner workings of the language so you actually understand the eccentricities of the language so you don't face problems that sometimes stem from idiosyncratic issues.

I wish I had started with them sooner, I would have solved myself some serious headaches around basic stuff that I just couldn't puzzle out on my own. Try them out for free to get a feel for it, but if you have any interest in working with python for data or machine learning, even if you're just learning the language, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. I'll be paying soon enough.


3 years ago

Awful support from this company. 2 months to respond to emails.
Despite that they continue to tout themselves to you to spread the word..
I know they are a startup, but this is the most incompetent or worse unethical setup I have come across…


5 years ago

If you like R or use R, you need to know this.

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