DataDatum Houston

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Website & Phone: Main Street 1725 Houston 77002 United States

3 years ago

This company is owned by Joshua Prout, he is a con artist got me for roughly 25k.

Same process to every customer, always something, always tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes.

He now is under or Carrier-4 Data LLC and GONODE5.

I was able to stop him from running off with everyone's equipment by being very persistent, we finally got the case to the DA and I believe his days are numbered.


3 years ago

Stay away from / I've had my server there for a little over 3 weeks with ~40% downtime. They tried to screw me when I went to get my server back.

This company is ran by Joshua Prout. Read up more on him and vypernetworks to know who you are dealing with.


3 years ago

We ordered a x2 E5 server, paid for it, however, did not receive the server.

The server is now 2 days late and we have been trying to get in contact for 4 days.

They resell from a data center in Houston which I will not name. I contacted the head of the data center in Houston and they informed me that the DataDatum servers service stopped due to them having issues with so many customers (scamming others like me).

Additoinal info: DataDatum also works under the name EvoNoc. Also on the invoice they sent me, it said A GoNode5Company

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