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Website & Phone: 5th Avenue 286 New York 10001 United States

4 months ago

Pretty dodgy business tactics from this company.
Trapping users with hidden costs and not providing a way to remove your payment method or even downgrade or end your subscription. Be very careful when dealing with these snakes.

Support is also pretty pathetic.
Bad attitude and no "beside manner".

I'd go elsewhere quickly.

I'm happy to provide email transcripts of our correspondence for more detail.


6 months ago

Wanted to quickly check their product yesterday. Signed up for an account, played with it a little, reviewed their pricing model, came to the conclusion that it's not a viable option for our company and tried to delete my account. NOT SO FAST! This cannot be done by simply clicking 'delete my account' somewhere on their website, instead you must contact them. Yeah, there is a handy 'live chat', but only if you want to speak with their tech support team, or sales team. If you want out, they tried to make it as inconvenient as possible. The lady from the sales team I chatted with seemed to understand my frustration and promised to forward my request to the account management (read: customer retention) team. I made it very clear that there's no room for any discussion – I signed up for an account, achieved my goal of assessing the platform and made a decision. Now imagine how pissed off I am to receive an email from their commercial account executive asking do I "have 15-20 minutes to see how I am getting on with the trial". Despite originally being turned off only by not-so-scalable pricing model which might be a problem for us longer term, I am now severely disgusted by their customer retention practices and won't likely come back again.


7 months ago

DataDog is cloud monitoring service. You can see and monitor metrics from all of your apps, tools & services. Recommended product.


9 months ago

SPAM, Tracking, Advertisement, Marketing, Monitoring, Anti-privacy, Unsolicited Emails.


11 months ago

Great product, bad pricing model. Always improving by adding new features. However, they penalize your company by charging you more for arbitrary things. So, if your infrastructure model doesn't fit to their vision, you will overpay a lot.

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