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2 years ago

Frank Stjerne is correct in stating datafile is a scam. I also suspect he's correct when he states "I even think the trustpilot reviews are written by themselves." The file locker business can be lucrative (just look at the riches Kim Dotcom accumulated via Megaupload) and in any get-rich-quick scheme, it attracts the unscrupulous (and worse). Look at the various reviews – 1 review is common before they vanish. In instances when thesis single name reviewers post more, it's often astroturfing because they'll have a vested interest in promoting or damning a company. It's easy to see and, frankly, Trustpilot need to take a firmer approach with fake reviews if its to remain a respected source


3 years ago

This site is very shady. They will store your card data and charge a recurring fee you don't expect.
The checkout process has been made to look like you are paying a one-time fee, and nowhere on the UI does it say it's a subscription.
I only needed to download one file and got charged two months in a row already. No idea if this "subscription" will stop.


3 years ago is a scam. Avoid it. I even think the trustpilot reviews are written by themselves.


4 years ago

Quick support, thank you very much!


5 years ago

Thanks for making a product that makes my job EASIER!!!


5 years ago

Good download speed for premium user, but very low ( about 50k) if you are free user


6 years ago

What a shit site. The worst file hosting, never seen that. You have to wait 1 hour to download at a speed of 30 kb hahaha…

I hope they ll disappear soon, btw use torrent dont use these shit file hosting.

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