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3 years ago

They used to be good but not any more. In the last 18 months support has disappeared. They never pick up the phone, emails can take over a week to get answered (even when a website is down due to their mistake), simple support requests can be totally ignored, domains are often not renewed and bill payments are totally non-existent.


5 years ago

The company I'm providing support for have been using DataGate for many years and have found them to be very responsive and very supportive.

In the last four months, we have been having increasing issues dealing with DataGate's technical support; including:

1. Very sluggish response to support tickets

2. Total lack of response to support tickets

3. Poor quality of support (issues not being addressed correctly)

4. Unable to get through on phone lines

5. Calls being picked-up, then immediately terminated

6. Not being able to leave voice mails for technical support due to the mailbox being full.

Whilst Datagate may have been a great company to deal with in the past; in my experience; they are currently letting customers down badly with their lacklustre technical & customer support.

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