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1 year ago

Data Lab 247 is a perfect place for data recovery. I鈥檝e lost access to all my files on my laptop, but they helped me to recover it with 100%. Also, they provide access to your records through their service, where you could see your recovered data, which I found helpful. Speaking of the price is cheap. I鈥檝e seen lots of big companies with the highest price, but they did not provide a hundred percent recovery. The service is excellent, friendly and efficient. They gave me my recover data less than in two days, which was good for me. I highly recommend this place!


1 year ago

I can only say good things about DataLab247. All my files were recovered, in an incredibly quick manner!! My hard disk crashed Friday evening and I tried everything I could to restore my files myself. After realizing I was in over my head, I found DataLab247 online and I opted to go with them because they were open on Saturdays and my recovery process could begin ASAP. I was reassured by their earnest, no-frills website, their firm pricing and their no-payment-until-files-recovered system. DataLab247 was also incredibly reassuring over the phone. They did the job incredibly quickly and payment was so easy! Next time, I will be sure to contact the lovely people at DataLab247 right away. 100000/10 would recommend!


1 year ago

Data Lab 247 not only recovered data from my dropped hard drive, but it all was done very quickly – I had the new drive with data within under one week. I do recommend – Data Lab 247 professional service to anyone

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