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3 years ago

I am really disappointed with this companies products. My client purchased 3 x QBT2400 scanners not realising that bases were not included. No problem simply, order the bases…

Okay at this stage I order USB bases only to find out when they arrived that no USB interface cable is included. Slightly annoyed, I order 3 interface cables and wait another week…

So we now have everything we need. So on with the installation another week later. Typically changing barcode scanners is a ten minute job. However after more than two hours I admitted defeat.

I had to contact Datalogic and ask for instructions on disabling the automatic scan mode where the scanner attempts a scan as soon as anything is detected. great idea but likely to lead to false scans and worse still it slows the charging rate. I also request a full manual as it was not listed on their site (this has since been rectified).

Their reply was prompt and courteous and within minutes the auto scan function was disabled following instructions in the manual. The comment was also made that they recommend using the relevant power supply in order to retain charge.

Apparently the units charge slower from USB only and as my customer has a fairly intensive scan requirement, power supplies were purchased.

Another week later… The power supplies arrive. Lo and behold they don't have main's leads you have to supply your own IEC (Kettle) leads.

In the process one of the scanner units failed to pair with the base and this took OVER TWO HOURS to rectify.

We have installed many barcode scanners and without exception this has been the worst experience. Over a month to get all required components 16+ hours of wasted labour and travelling time. Problems finding extra mains points.

QBT2400 scanners are in my humble opinion erratic, badly documented and it is probably cheaper to discard the three we have purchased and buy from another manufacturer. If you are considering these scanners then please avoid at all costs.

By comparison we lent our customer Symbol scanners while we attempted to resolve the problems with the QBT2400's. Total install time under 5 minutes and no extra power supply required.


6 years ago

I find this website useful and informative.

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