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4 months ago

I signed up for the subcription to recieve 3 samples a month at 40 dollars for 3 months. While i always recieved them they were usually late. I cancelled due to i really just wanted to sample what they would send me and was too expensive to keep subceiption going. On a good note i did discover a few food samples that led me to purchasing full bottles


8 months ago

I was duped into signing on with this scam company( i thought I was signing on with a reputable scent co but got sent to this scam page). I signed up this past May and got charged and have NEVER received my item. I got an email on 6/9 from this scammer saying that my order is on it's way…Turns out NOTHING!! They lead you on with the fake email regarding tracking…btw there is NO WAY TO TRACK THIS ORDER . I have also tried using the email attached to their homepage and it comes back AS NOT FOUND. DOES NOT EXIST. I have reported them to my bank as Fraud. There is also NO WAY TO DELETE OR REMOVE THIS ACCOUNT OR YOUR CC INFO FROM THEIR ALLEGED WEBSITE. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS CO YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PURCHASE AND THEY WILL TRY TO CHARGE YOUR CC EACH MONTH.


2 years ago

They charged my twice before I received my first shipment. I had the service for 3.5 months, I've been charged 4 times, and to this date I've received 2 packages. I've cancelled my subscription.

More frustration: I've asked several, (I believe 4 or 5 separate tickets,) times for a refund for the non delivered packages, but their support WILL NOT help. It's like talking to a brick wall. I've requested the money owed to be refunded several times with either no response, or a response that doesn't correlate to my situation, followed by, again, no response.

Stay Away! Do not Buy from these charlatans!



4 years ago

I placed an order for a 3 month subscription to debonair scent on November 28. According to the website all orders are shipped on the 5th of each month. After i realized around mid December that i haven't received a confirmation for my package i decided to email debonair scent. A representative responded about 5 days later explaining that my order would be shipped out on the 20th of December and i should receive it no later than the 30th of December. Around the 26th of December i realized i still haven't received a confirmation or an update on my order. I emailed debonair scent and no one has contacted me. Since then I've emailed debonair scent at least 2 to 3 times a week but no response. Im also worried that because this i a subscription that they will continue to renew my subscription without sending me the product.

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