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2 months ago

Absolute con site. Turns out for all the false facade that they are based in China, claiming to sell exclusive bedding. I ordered some bedding and waited 4 weeks for the delivery. They sent me cheap fake RayBan sunglasses instead! Immediately raised the issue with my credit card company. After many emails which they are deliberately slow with, they now try to tell me I have to return the incorrect items at my own expense. Having now considered the whole scam as a victim I see how it works. You order goods, at reasonable cost and they then tell you it will be several weeks for delivery due to covid. They then send you a tracking number after about a week. This is key to the whole scam. Because you have a tracking number you believe the goods are coming. In the mean time they are taking the money you have paid and moving it elsewhere! Eventually your delivery turns up, something cheap and fake, in my case nasty copy sunglasses. Then when you complain they string you out some more claiming they are looking into it. Eventually they tell you that to get a refund you must return the goods they sent incorrectly at your expense which is against consumer law. Clearly they must have someone writing fake good reviews for them, I only hope I protect someone else from this scam!

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