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3 months ago

They take you money and don't send anything don't send money to this site. They site doesn't reply to or answer any messages nor do they refund any money,


1 year ago

Someone bought the domain name of and they do not send product because they don't have any!! DO NOT USE!!!!!


1 year ago

Beware of Deboralab! Deboralab will take your bitcoin and send no product.In the old days, 2014, Deboralabs was trustworthy. No more! Sent bitcoin had confirmation of payment and the parcel never arrived. Numerous emails were sent, also with different email addresses , and they have not responded.Cannot use their website contact form due to a PHP warning yet other email addresses can use the contact form but if I use a different email address with the unsent order number it too is blocked.


1 year ago

ordered some 4fpvp.
paying with bitcoin is pain in the a*ss but finally completed.
it was a small order and recieved the goods in timely manner.


1 year ago is an old research chemicals vendor in market. most of other vendors have stopped their operations but debora still in business (@2019).
i have recently purchased some CBDs and recieved without any problem.

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