Debt Action Group

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Website & Phone: 750 Third Avenue New York City 10017 United States

1 year ago

great company…Very professional….Signed with them 10 months before and the result has came much faster than expected


1 year ago

Excellent work! At first I was skeptical. After about 3 months I had creditors requesting to settle for about a third of what I owed initially. I stuck with the Debt Action Group program and after 8 to 12 months started receiving debt cancellation notices. Credit repair started for me a little bit later then I had expected but not a big deal because the end results where spectacular inside of 30 days most baddies dropped off my file.


5 years ago

Very professional, and very down to earth.
I love that these guys know how to help because they have all been through it themselves
Great ppl great company!

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