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9 months ago

I give these guys 1 star. They wouldn't give me a consolidation loan to consolidate my debts because I have debts! Implyed that because I'm on benefits that I would spend the loan on a holiday! Fyi not everyone on benefits are benefit scum! Wasted 4 days waiting for call backs and having lengthy conversations to get declined because I have debts!?


1 year ago

After getting myself into a mess with debit, I looked around for help. I came across one company (not this one) who I wasn't comfortable with due to being advise to lie and the options given seeming unrealistic. After another deep search, I came across Consolidation express – I was looked after from the point of contact. My advisor has been truly a god send, I couldn't ask for more.

I would highly recommend over any other service, I am in the process of entering an IVA but feel super confident with the information I have been given.

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