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2 years ago

Who's got your credit history or falsified credit information?

My husband received a "Final notice" from this company regarding "you may be entitled to a settlement of your outstanding credit balance"
It shows "re:" accounts we already have paid off (years ago) and some current ones we have (–but we are in good credit standing with). The "notice" instructs my husband to go to a website:


3 years ago

2017 Consumer Debt Relief Program

I've received multiple letters over the course of a year advertising a "2017 Consumer Debt Relief Program" or "CDRP" sending me false checks for $11,000 to reduce my $22,000 worth of debt. I have student loans… my debt is WAY higher than that. Wish it were real, but it carries all the hallmarks of a scam. No real contact info. No website. No suite number or PO Box on the address. "No Cost Consultation"

"Sincerely S Thompson"

Wish it were real… but it's not. I did my homework and have not lost anything. There are unfortunately a lot of poachers out there willing to steal from people with little to nothing. These are not Robin Hood kind of people. Stay safe out there!


3 years ago

Debt restructuring

Credit Services has sent multiple letters to my home addressed to my son, who has not lived her for 10 years. They claim he has debt of $22,000 (not true) and that they can reduce the debt to $11,000 for $306 per month for 36 months.


3 years ago

False debt collection for non-existent debt

We received a letter in the mail – no official letterhead – just a name and address in the upper left hand corner. Credit Services, One World Trade Center, Suite 84G, NYC, NY 10007
The letter claims that Jules Feiffer, my husband who is 88, owes $22,000 but they are willing to settle for $11,000, and have set up a monthly program where he can pay $306. When I phoned, they refused to give me any information about their company or the source of the debt. Laticia was extremely aggressive and fought for control. I asked her if this was a legitimate business and she nearly took my head off refusing to speak to me and insisting that I put my 88 year old husband, who is almost deaf, on the phone. No info, no real anything, just aggression.


4 years ago

Debt Reduction Scam Mailed Letters

I have now received 2 mailed letters to my home address regarding a notice to resolve outstanding debts at 1/2 my "estimated creditor balance" debt due- the estimate is not close to anything I realistically owe to any creditor. The company says it's based out of the One World Trade Center Ste 8800 but there is no record of this company in the tenant list for the rebuilt Trade Center building in New York, NY and the One World Trade Center address is 285 Fulton St. New York. It gives phone and online ways to initiative your form and the letters look legitimate outside of having no real company name information outside of Credit Services. They give deadlines on when you're eligible to take advantage of their offer and fine print mentions "monthly payments and balance amount is only an illustration to demonstrate a typical debt situation". Stay Away from falling for this scam!!!


4 years ago

Non-Existing Debt Restructing Scam

They claim to restructure your debt


4 years ago

Settlement program for non exist debt

I have received a letter for the settlement payment 292 a month for 36 months program. However, I don't have any debt need to settle.


5 years ago

Mailed official letters to home address regarding modification of credit cards debts, No Debts

We are receiving official letters with very strong writing regarding our credit cards debts. we don't have any credit card debt. the way which they are writing, they are scarring us to call them. the letter has all official and scarring figures. It says IMPORTANT FINAL NOTICE, with Notice Number. there is no e-mail address, but there is PERSONALIZED WEBSITE: https:/

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