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9 years ago

Most of the families end up paying their mortgage loans for as long as 30 years. What's involved is an incredible amount of interest payment and significant drop in savings. Biweekly mortgage payments were seen as an effective way out of the financial mess. While there are definite benefits in biweekly mode of payments, they are not very significant


9 years ago

Because your financial future is so important and you have to take great care in order to make all the right decisions, you should be advised against certain financial decisions that can wreck your chances at meeting long term goals


9 years ago

Mortgage lenders assess your financial state and capabilities whenever they are verifying your mortgage application using one of the two common calculation methods. These methods, the front-end ratios and back-end rations, will determine whether your mortgage application is approved or at what mortgage amount. You may also get different interest rates or monthly payment amounts depending on the outcome of the calculation. To help you get approved for a mortgage faster, let us take a look at these two ratios.

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