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2 years ago

Fast service, reasonably priced, good website


8 years ago

This is an atypical blog run by venture capitalist Fred Wilson. It is more like a social experience than most "modern day" websites. Readers interact volubly via the Disqus comment system. There is a lot of moderation, so obscene or profane language is rare. I am not surprised at the amount of tracking mentioned by WOT user foxtyke, given the sort of "soi disant" technology companies that are the topic of discussion. No registration is required though, and there is a standard privacy policy in place.


8 years ago

Ten or more tracking and third-parties getting your information on a single visit? Not for a blog, that's too much sharing going on without a visitor knowing it.


11 years ago

I HAVE HAD A EXTENSIVE EDUCATION ON THE VALUE OF GEMSTONES. MANY OF (not all) OF YOUR STONES ARE POORLY CUT AND HAVE A WINDOW IN THEM, THE MAJORITY OF THE COLOR IS AROUND THE PERIMITER OF THE STONE MAKING IT MUCH LESS VALUABLE. Also you put a retail value up that is very misleading. Most people know the mark up on gemstones. Many of your viewers think they are getting a real deal. Who pays for your air time? Many times you do not hold the stone up to see the saturation. Clean up your act.

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