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3 years ago



6 years ago

Don't believe NOTHING this company says. They have a no refund policy for a reason. I should have known. I was hoping to get lucky but wasn't. I ordered a base enclosure for my HP 17in laptop by entering the serial numbers from the back of the laptop like they suggested. The website showed me a pic that looked like mine. When it came it was a base enclosure for a HP 15in laptop. I looks like mine but its obviously to small. I called DEC and they said they would fix it and all I had to do was email them. What a joke!! I emailed them 4 times in 2 weeks with NO response. Then finally they respond to say the sent me right part and there are no refunds. I didn't want a refund, I just wanted the right part I ordered. Because of the no refund policy they charge your card and send you ANYTHING. As others have complained, this company is the WORSE regarding customer service and they do not even try to correct their mistakes. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from DEC Trader!!! You will regret it.


8 years ago

I wasnt able to find motherboard for my customer's old hp server. I found it in this site with stock. shipping took longer than expected time.. How ever I am happy with and will use this site for my hp parts purchases. thanks.


9 years ago

If you think you will going to have questions related to your invoice or order in the future, avoid this compnay. Their customer service will yell at you. No questions to DEC Trader!!!!!!!! after purchasing . They will going to say, "if you order carefully, you should know all about your order….. And they will going to say , "as shown on the web, it is final sale anyways, so…. what can I do for ya….??" And if you ask for talking to manager, they will going to hang up on you. Hm… I should research on this company before I order….. but I guess… little late.


9 years ago

I placed an order through their website on a Friday; never received a confirmation email. Saturday, sent them an email asking if my order went through, no reply. Monday – called them to ask about my order, no one picked up. Tried sending them another email asking about the order. Confirmed with my bank that I had been charged. Tuesday – no response to either email, nobody picked up the phone. I went to check my bank account, found that the money had been refunded.

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