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2 years ago

I purchased 3 items from this company, with no tracking number, I received a package a few weeks later that contained 1 item in it, with no further communication. 2 weeks later, after hearing nothing, I contacted the site, you cannot call the online store, all they have in a voicemail saying that they had a "flood" and is unavailable to take any calls and you cannot leave a voicemail. I started calling to other stores, and the managers were rude and said they had nothing to do with the online store and would not help me. I tried communicating through the online store, and they said my other items were destroyed in their "flood" and that I would get a refund for those items. NO REFUND. I contacted the BBB about them, I finally received another package in the mail 4 weeks later with a 2nd item from my purchase. NOTHING AFTER THAT. THEY REFUSED TO RESPOND TO THE BBB AND THEY BLOCKED ME ON ALL PLATFORMS AFTER I BEGAN POSTING WHAT THEY HAD DONE. This is a scam company and I never received my refund or my 3rd item. They have pitiful customer service and they treat their customers like dirt and steal money. I will never shop at their website again, and I suggest you do the same before they steal money from you too!

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