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Website & Phone: Store Regnegade 3 Ké…¶benhavn K 1110 Denmark

7 months ago

Wow, fast delivery and great status updates along the way. Great shopping experience!


10 months ago

God og flot service.


10 months ago

Dag til dag levering?


5 years ago

I love this company and all they stand for. Their service is in top. I moved to Dubai and I wanted to buy online and have it delivered – so by a simple email they arranged shipping to Dubai as a choice on their website. They have always been loyal to be as a consumer and I will stay loyal to them as well. I love the high quality products and the many designs and colours. Even if you write them and ask for a colour they try to provide you with it or the closest thing to it! Amazing!
Danish Quality and Design when it is best!

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