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2 years ago

I hired Babble City (after being redirected there by Sophie from Novus Entertainment, who deal with many venues throughout London) I hired the venue for a private 50th birthday party for my wife. I put more than the minimum spend required (in total 拢2200) behind the bar. My guests spent 拢2050 but I was refused a refund of the difference. In addition the barstaff did not inform my guests that there was a free bar so some of my guests inadvertently paid for other drinks. At 7.30pm, the start time of the booking, there was no indication given about where the party was – and because there was more than one private party being held at the venue guests had to wander around in search of my party. The DJ ( which i 拢250 paid for) was playing music in my bar and also downstairs at the SAME time via a loop through the venue. They never told me this would happen and so it meant the choice of music was limited. My 18 daughter was ejected by a very aggressive bouncer. My 16 year old daughter was not allowed to enter the venue even though i promised that she would not be consuming alcohol. This was awful, and very upsetting for my wife as this was supposed to have been a birthday we could all celebrate together as a family. Licenesing rules state this would have been fine but the very aggressive and unhelpful staff refused to even discuss it. on the coldest day of the year she wasnt even allowed in to wait for her Uber. Overall the staff where very unhelpful and impolite. I would highly recommend you steer clear of any venues run by this company. The issues mentioned here are only a few of the things that I endure. Novus Leisure should look into the serious lapses in the way they deal with the public. A scam.

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