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8 months ago

a problem with the quality of my pic and asked Decalgirl if it was so bad don't print and contact me. They did by email, I tried to repl, with new pic better quality,聽 in the same email address, received new email like didn't received and asked me to contact by chat, I did, chat open the ticket, they will contact to me, again Melissa contacted to me by email, try again to reply and send me again to chat, ticket, received new email…………
Surprise me, when I received my first email, I checked the status of my order, was already shipped. this makes me more frustrated, sounds like they make fun of me.
I was thinking DecalGirl was the best company to my Drone and Surface skin, recommended by a lot friends in forum about Drones and Tablet, possibly is truth, but until you have a problem, in this exact moment you see they don't have/want to contact to customer after they taken your money.
For me this is a waste聽of time and money, $76 doesn't go anywhere but makes me sad and frustrated.


9 months ago

Got my package today i really loved it and shipping and delivery was quick. would definitely recommend and will shop there again.


11 months ago

There were some challenging points like the joycon-controller-middle thing (the kajigger that comes with the switch) 鈥?the lights in the middle were a bit tricky 鈥?and the safety sliders with the wrist straps (so thin!). But the joycons themselves were way easier than I expected and the screen and dock were no problemo.

A complaint I could have about it is that you have to punch out any holes in the skin 鈥?including the little squares on the middle controller handle thingy, but those were the *most* difficulty I had with the process, and I got through it just fine. Everything fits great and really satisfies my personal "purple spacethetic" deal, though don't expect to be fooled into thinking like "waow the skin looks like it's just a natural part of the switch rather than a vinyl cover!" Cuz that's not what it's about folks.

All-in-all: great fit, great look, some challenging bits but overall totes worth on initial application. Only time can tell for anything else.


11 months ago

5-stars for customer service and fast delivery.
4-stars for product received.

High chance of recommending to others and ordering again in the future.

Would be great if they have more design options with textures for VR HMDs!


1 year ago

a very satisfied customer from denmark/ europe. you can safely shop at decalgirl. ?


2 years ago

Ordered a 3DS XL print (custom) the art is great but can not recommend at all as although the outer skin fits like a glove,the inner skin is far from matching,way too big around both screens,had to just use the front covers,very disappointing,will not be using again.


2 years ago

I have orded some decal's for my ps4 controlers, new nintendo 3d xl, and a ps4 slime.
all decal's are in a rubust material, easy to apply and lovely designes for any kinde of person. The details gives easy access to scews, sensor, nobs and cabels.


3 years ago

I bought a skin and I chose the wrong model for my macbook pro (I chose without retina, while mine has retina), so the skin didn't fit at all ! So I contacted the live support, and they immediately offered me a reship of the right skin model for only the cost of shipping.

That is what I call amazing customer service, go ahead without hesitation, but make sure to grab the right model 🙂


3 years ago

We prepared for a POOR quality product. The fitment is terrible and the quality of print is subpar. I would never recommend this company.


5 years ago

This site has some amazing artwork. I think it's always fun to express your style any way, even on your cell phone case or laptop skin. You won't find any more original designs that you will here. Such cool stuff! In every category. Good for yourself or gift for a friend. Love it.


9 years ago

Ordered twice from decalgirl. Fast delivery, great skins. Excellent customer service.


10 years ago

A great site where you can get skins for just about anything.


10 years ago

There was a blip in the order process and when I contacted the live customer service via chat, she cleared everything up right away and was very courteous and professional. Have ordered from them twice and plan on returning. Excellent customer service!

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