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3 months ago

Utterly angry and frustrated! I made a online purchase but instead receiving my package I received a mail as it has been delivered to my address. Most funny and irritating is that the day I was home whole day. And they suggest to check on my neighbors which I haven't recommended. I made a complaint verbal and written both but still no sense responsibilities.


4 months ago

Poorly stocked, empty shelves, dreary uninterested staff. Terrible store.


8 months ago

I made an order on 9 May due to be delivered 20 May. I received an email saying it would be between 2 to 4 days late. Since then, nothing. I phoned last week to be told they had no idea when my order would arrive because it wasn't available at the moment. It is wasn't available, why did they take my money and then not bother to tell me that it wasn't available until I had to phone?


9 months ago

I have purchased some items on the 8th of april, we are now the 5th of may and I still haven't received anything. Normally it would've been delivered 21st of april, which I already think is a long time for an online purchase. Since then I have sent multiple emails, each time I got the same answer "we're working on it, it is very busy". I understand it's busy, but a waiting period for a month is extremely long. This is the first and last time I will be ordering from Decathlon. Hopefully I get my order very soon.


10 months ago

On March 27th 2020 I ordered an exercise bike, floor mat and saddle padding. Delivery was scheduled for 1st April 2020. After 2 failed deliveries, Decathlon assured me everything is fine. On 24th April, only the floor mat and saddle arrived. The delivery company have no record of a bike, the delivery note from Decathlon makes no reference to a bike, so I have no idea where it is – and neither do Decathlon.

They had enough staff to process my payment a month ago, but apparently not enough to man a help desk, or to find out where packages are.


1 year ago

Usually shop online and don't waste time dealing with other people, because sometimes it irritates me. Today in Decathlon I was treated with a rather bad behavior and unpleasant tone of voice. Enjoy your work.. at least a little, otherwise, don't be there. 🙂


2 years ago

We are past the estimated delivery date, and my order hasn't been delivered yet. No communication from customer support either.

I wish I had read the other reviews, before I decided to order from Decathlon, as this appears to be a common problem.


9 years ago

Site belge de la chaine de magasins de sports D茅cathlon (Enseigne d'origine Fran莽aise).

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