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Website & Phone: De Trompet 14B Enkhuizen 1601 MK Netherlands
0228 350 880

8 months ago

My CD production process went smooth with de CD Perserij. The people here know what they're doing. Beautiful print work of professional grade quality. The personal approach is definitely a plus. I know where to go for future projects. Recommended!


1 year ago

They were very cooperative, helpful and responsive. For me the deadline of production was very important, and they delivered right on time ! The product itself is of high quality !


1 year ago

Mixed experience. We got our quote, before we decided to go for it their sales guys called my phone at least twice (think it was 3 times) to say "oh, we really want your order, can we help you, anything we can do, we will really make your project a success" – all the talk.

So we said OK, submitted artwork and master, and paid the money upfront. Now it turned out there was a minor issue with artwork (a crop line not removed) which was our fault – but they sent only *one* email and that was it. I missed the email (Dutch is not my native language, which certainly wasn't an issue pre-sale) – and they never followed up in 10 days.

I was pretty annoyed to discover that the job was stalled indefinitely (I was expecting to have received the CDs) because of ONE missed email, and I called " customer service" (!) to say so. The guy was pretty rude – didn't even listen to my point that they could and should have done more, and just said "it's your job to give us the right materials".

I see it another way – once you take the money, it's YOUR job to progress the work. Email is unreliable communication method – you should know that. If someone doesn't reply after a few days – follow up. Pick up the phone, like your pre-sales people do.

And by the way- if your "customer service" guy is bloody rude to an annoyed client – that is gonna bite you. Hope you are reading De Perserij. I don't have time to argue with your badly trained ignorant staff.

We did eventually get the CD's and they were fine, so eventually no harm done (thank god there was no tight deadline). But really – quite a bad attitude once they have your $$$ safely in the bank.

I'll look around next time. There are enough suppliers out there not to have to put up with that crap.


1 year ago

Great support, quick service and great products!


2 years ago

A very professional company in the music industry that knows what they are talking about. We have done several productions with them and the quality and speed is always very good. We recommend De Cd Perserij…


2 years ago

Unethical business practices.
The company is known as and Indieplant.

We paid them in advance to print a few hundred copies, never received them and were promised a refund that never arrived.

Went out on the great wide internet to see what others had to say on this company…
…and well, many others were scammed in pretty much the same way.

On Synthforum there are a number of complaints from 2002. The scam has been going on for over 15 years.

I wonder how many bands they have scammed so far, who had no money or time for lawyers, or a big loud mouth.

Shame on them.


3 years ago

I work almost 10 years with De CD Perserij and only that should say something about ho happy I am. As musician they took care about 4 of my records, as producer 3 albums and 1 single. My experience is totally positive, and I mean, things are going 99% perfectly and when it's not, the 1% they are there for you to solve the problem.
That's what for me very important is. And that's why I am sure, if it will depends on me, we will celebrate soon the 10 years co-operating…


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