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8 months ago

Just received my latest order from De Cevalier as there had been an uncommon mix up with my order I鈥檇 messaged them and with in minutes I was responded to with the best customer service you could hope for when online shopping, they quickly fixed and more than made up for the minor issue I faced, which after facing other online shopping issues especially one recently which had put me off purchasing with that retailers ever again, I love De Chevalier product styles and always the quality of there products for the prices I鈥檓 just so glad that the people running this company care about there customers as much as they do the quality of there products they deserve every piece of there 5 star review
Love you guys keep up the good work


8 months ago

Amazing new fashion brand with great design I really liked the menswear section.
customer support were very helpful during this crazy time.
I had a great customer experience with them and wish them great success.

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