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1 month ago

I tried this for 1 month on the TradingView platform.

Guarantees at the time? "While the monthly license is non-refundable, the Yearly or LIFETIME license comes with a 30 Day UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Guarantee. All subscriptions come with FREE 1on1 Training as well as FREE online assistance for as long as you use the software."
(This may have changed as the website is now reflecting higher prices?)

I personally never had anyone contact me for 1 on 1 training.

Nevertheless, once subscribed, they sent me almost 40 pages of overwhelming reading material so I could learn to use the indicators. For me, it was trying to understand Algebra under pressure. And it was a bit unfair to read/learn as I pay monthly. After 3 weeks I was still lost.

They were responsive to my questions via email, but it seemed like they wanted to keep me reading their emails to learn about the indicators. They are called Trading Signal Series. Most start out with "Important Note: The "Trading Signals" discussed in this email series are meant to demonstrate DecisionBar Trading Software. They are not recommendations to buy or sell anything. Should you decide to act on any of these signals you do so at your own risk." No personal touch. Of course, they probably offered a more personal touch if you paid the lifetime.

My bottom line is this; during that subscription time I struggled to figure out how it worked. I never made any money. They do quite the marketing on their website and it seemed like a really good thing..

At this time I saw no other reviews. But take note (as with review history) nobody says a word about many of these companies and then once a negative review is posted, all of a sudden positive reviews come out of the woodwork. Take not of that.

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